Work or a Long-Term Stay Visa

To work in Japan, you must apply for the appropriate visa. For detailed information, please click here. Visa applicants for working visas are required to submit a Certificate of Eligibility.

  Note 1
  Within 14 days of moving into an address in Japan, Working Visa holders (with the exception of 15 days and 3 months visa holders) must apply for Resident Registration at a local government office near to where they are living (further details).
  Note 2
  Members of rock bands or similar groups, including non-performing members accompanying the group (e.g. tour managers, sound technicians, etc.), must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility to apply for a visa. Classical musicians, members of symphony orchestras, theatre groups, opera singers, or professional sportsmen or women who have been invited to Japan either to perform publicly for remuneration or to participate in a competition may apply for visas with alternative documents in place of a Certificate of Eligibility. Please contact the visa officer prior to applying for further information.


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