This calendar has been established to keep people up to date on new and upcoming Japan-related cultural events in the UK.

If you are organising a suitable event that you would like to see listed on this calendar, please get in touch with us here.

(Note: The Embassy of Japan does not accept any responsibility for the events registered, or any loss or damage resulting from the events registered in the calendar or from any reliance placed on the information in the Events Calendar. With the exception of those events with explicit support of the Embassy of Japan, the inclusion of an event in the Events Calendar does not amount to an endorsement by the Embassy of Japan or the Government of Japan of any event or organisation.)



29 July 2015

Embassy of Japan, London

The story is set in Shikoku Chuo City in Ehime Prefecture, the ‘City of Paper’ that boasts the top output of paper in Japan. Due to the long recession, however, the city has lost its former prosperity......more>>



12, 19, 26 July & 2 August 2015

King's Head Theatre, London

Japanese theatre group, Doubtful Sound (in collaboration with the SOAS Minyo group) gives audiences a new perspective on Japanese identity through ancient folktales.....more>>


21 July 2015

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, by Natasha Pulley, is a historical novel written while she lived in Japan on the Daiwa Scholarship. The watchmaker in question is a Japanese immigrant living in London at the time of the Fenian bombings of Whitehall..more>>


17 July 2015
Kingston Lacy, Dorset,

Kingston Lacy is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the restoration of their onsite Japanese Gardens. They are holding a number of Japanese themed events during June and July 2015......more>>



20 July 2015

The Swedenborg Society, London

The coral reefs, white sand beaches and sub-tropical forests of Okinawa, a chain of islands stretching over 600 miles of ocean between Southwest Japan and Taiwan, seem a distant world from the misty mountains....more>>


19 & 0 July 2015

Bournemouth & London

Placing the body horizontally, a landscape orientation. Repetition poses a threat of disorientation; counting beat or pulse is a devised system of survival. With the duration of physical endurance, repetition becomes an emotive containment....more>>

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