Academia & Science

Prevention of Recidivism: Trends in Japanese Criminal Policy

13 March 2019

6.00pm - 8.00pm

Daiwa Foundation, 13 - 14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP. Nearest tube: Baker Street

020 7486 4348

One of the most serious current issues in criminal policy in Japan is the prevention of recidivism. Traditionally, Japan has a unique probation system which has greatly contributed to preventing recidivism, administered by both Professional Probation Officers (“PPOs”), hogo kansatsu kan, and Volunteer Probation Officers (“VPOs”), hogo-shi. But in 2016 a new law, “the Act to Promote Prevention of Recidivism,” was enacted to decrease the rate of recidivism further. Andrew Watson will discuss the basics of the Japanese probation system and the challenges it faces, with comparisons to probation in England and Wales. Taichi Yoshikai will then discuss the Act and the current plan which was drawn up in 2017 by the Cabinet in response to the Act, with consideration of key characteristics of the Japanese criminal justice system.

This seminar has been arranged in cooperation with the British Japanese Law Association.