MARCH 2020

Academia & Science

History Lecture: The Secrets of Japanese Mathematics

10 March 2020

Science Museum, London

Sudoku and origami are the most well-known contemporary math games associated with Japanese intellectual tradition. But were they really Japanese inventions?

Academia & Science

History Lecture: The Lady Samurai

12 March 2020

British Library, London

Who were the “Lady Samurai”? You might imagine the Lady Samurai to be women in armour or women fighting with swords. It is true that women warriors show up in fiction. We will first go over the characters in popular culture and...

Theatre & Music

Kodo: Legacy

13, 14, 15 March 2020

London & Liverpool

Japan’s legendary Kodo drummers return to their roots with Legacy, a physically stunning and musically sensational show which puts their huge drums centre stage and reworks their treasure trove of signature pieces created across almost 40 years of international touring.

And More

Discover Japan

14 March 2020

World Museum, Liverpool

At World Museum in Liverpool, alongside a presentation of works by Taki Katei, Japan Society North West will organise: Shamisen playing, Awa Odori dancer, Tengu Taiko, Liverpool Jujitsu, Samurai Armour presentation, Shodo, ...

Academia & Science

MEXT scholarship predeparture orientation and reception 2020

March 2020

Embassy of Japan, London

Presentations by outgoing scholars and a reception with alumni and invited guests.

Art & Design

the modernist magazine - issue themed JAPAN

March 2020

The publication and distribution of a single issue in March 2020 (1300 copies) of the modernist magazine themed entirely on Japan.

Art & Design

Yama: Sakubei Yamamoto Coal Mine Paintings Exhibition

14 September 2019 - 30 September 2020

Big Pit National Coal Museum, Wales

At the age of seven years old, Sakubei Yamamoto (1892-1984) moved with his family to the coal mines of the Chikuho region in Kyushu. He became an apprentice colliery blacksmith at the age of twelve....

Art & Design

Taki Katei – Japanese Paintings

4 October 2019 - 13 April 2020

World Museum, Liverpool

In 2019 National Museums Liverpool will host the first-ever exhibition of Taki Katei’s work outside Japan as part of the Japan 2020 Cultural Olympiad.

Art & Design

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking

29 January - 18 March 2020

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London

Learn to make Japanese woodblock prints, first in black and white, then in colour. This course includes extensive introduction to the materials and methods used in this form of printmaking.

Art & Design

Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk

29 February – 21 June 2020

V&A, London

This exhibition will reveal the sartorial, aesthetic and social significance of kimono from the 1660s to the present day, both in Japan and in the rest of the world. Rare 17th and 18th century kimono...


University of Oxford Internships and Work Placements in Japan

Until December 2020

The Oxford Alumni Club of Japan is currently running a campaign to expand the number of intern host companies and organisations in Japan.

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