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The Frost Fair

5 & 6 December 2020

The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

The Frost Fair is the free-entry biannual winter festival produced by the Whitworth as a weekend-long celebration of winter, art and togetherness. ...

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Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival

7 & 8 November 2020

Sugden Sports Centre, The Bread Shed, Manchester

An event celebrating both traditional and modern Japanese culture.

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Reflections of Japan in East Riding

19 September – 21 November 2020

Beverley Art Gallery, Beverley

‘Reflections of Japan in East Riding’ is an exhibition showing cultural connections between Japan and East Yorkshire using the collections of East Riding of Yorkshire Museums Service. ...

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Go Japan!

13 September 2020

Brands Hatch Circuit, Kent

Go Japan! is the first show of its kind in Europe. It is a one day celebration and host of all things Japanese. ...

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Coventry Young Ambassadors

Until July 2020

Coventry – a variety of venues

City wide project including creation of project called Coventry Young Ambassadors who will promote Japanese education and culture in their schools and wider community.

Art & Design

Tokyo: Art & Photography

16 July – 22 November 2020

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Tokyo: Art & Photography will explore Japan’s capital city through the varied and vibrant arts it has generated over 400 years, ...


Park House School Education Ekiden

13 July 2020

Park House School, Newbury

To apply the concept and traditions of the Ekiden to a school context to create a physical activity event alongside a learning activity ...

Art & Design

Japan: Water

4 July - 19 September 2020

GroundWork Gallery, King’s Lynn

A contemporary art exhibition held in a gallery which specialises in art and the environment. Its focus will be on the purity of water in Japan and ...

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4 July 2020

Liverpool Guild of Students, Liverpool

The type of events will be similar to previous Japan Days which included, for example in 2014, formal opening, taiko drummers and awa odori, kyudo, kendo and aikido ...

Academia & Science

Nihongo Cup 2020

27 June 2020

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

Nihongo Cup is the Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary School students across three categories: Key Stage 3, Pre-GCSE Key Stage 4/5, and Post GCSE Key Stage 4 and 5.

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Japanese Weekend

13 & 14 June 2020

RHS Garden Rosemoor, North Devon

A weekend celebrating everything Japanese, including an exhibition and demonstration of ikebana by the Ichiyo School of London, calligraphy, Koi carp, Taiko Drumming, an indoor Zen garden, ...

Theatre & Music

Reiko Fujisawa presents Beethoven – pianist, prophet and dreamer

30 May 2020

Holywell Music Room, Oxford

In an evening of words and music, acclaimed pianist Reiko Fujisawa and Crawford Logan (narrator) explore Beethoven’s extraordinary contribution to musical development and his unmatched legacy ...

Art & Design

Monogatari: the art of storytelling in Japanese woodblock prints


29 May – 4 October 2020

Oriental Museum, Durham University, Durham

A partnership with the National Museum of Japanese History, this exhibition will display parts of the J P Scott Collection of Japanese woodblock prints for the first time. ...

Theatre & Music

Sir Mark Elder and the Hallé Orchestra concert performance of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, featuring Japanese soprano Eri Nakamura

28, 30 May 2020

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

"Japanese company, Brother International, have been sponsors of the Hallé for many years and in 2019 we are celebrating 30 years of consecutive sponsorship –..."

Theatre & Music

Nobu plays Rachmaninov

14 May 2020

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

Liverpool knows and loves Nobuyuki Tsujii – the Japanese pianist, whose artistry and charisma leaves audiences cheering and critics lost for words.

Theatre & Music

Nobuyuki Tsujii piano

10 May 2020

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool

‘His performance had the power of a healing service. It was truly divine’. That’s how the American piano legend Van Cliburn described Nobuyuki Tsujii – and every time he plays with the Orchestra, he brings the house down. But this is Nobu’s first ever solo recital in Liverpool, ....

Theatre & Music


9 May 2020

Town Hall, Birmingham

“His performance had the power of a healing service. It was truly divine”. That’s how the American piano legend Van Cliburn described Nobuyuki Tsujii, and you can’t have missed the buzz around this wonderful Japanese pianist, ...

Academia & Science

Samurai: History and Legend


4 May - 26 September 2020

Milstein Exhibition Centre, Cambridge University Library, Cambridge

Samurai are one of the most famous images of Japan, but they are as much legend as history. The great warriors of Japan’s medieval period gave way to an early modern warrior class that ruled in a long time of relative peace, ...

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Koinobori Workshop, Chiddingstone Castle

3 May 2020

Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge

Join in with a Japanese Children’s Day holiday tradition – making colourful koi carp flags, or koinobori. ...

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Brogdale Hanami Festival


18 & 19 April 2020

The National Fruit Collection, Kent

For 2020 our Hanami Festival has increased from a one day event to a two day event due to its rapidly increasing popularity. ...

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Japanese Room Tours, Chiddingstone Castle


8 & 26 April 2020

Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge

Our curator will be giving tours of the Castle’s Japanese Room focused on the collection which includes samurai arms and armour, lacquerware, ancient tomb figures, and articulated animals or jizai okimono. ...

Art & Design

Ikebana Demonstration at Chiddingstone Castle


5 April 2020

Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge

A drop-in demonstration of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging, by masters of the Ohara School of Ikebana, England Chapter. ...

Theatre & Music

Cherry Blossom Concert – John Cage’s Ryoanji


29 March 2020

Outside Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Raked gravel, a gurgling stream and an elegant stone arch framed by delicate cherry trees in the heart of Birmingham – it’s Brindleyplace’s Cherry Blossom Garden, a place for reflection and contemplation. ...


Coventry Torch Relay – Lighting the Flame of Friendship


26 March – 3 July 2020


On Thursday, 26th March the Olympic Torch for the 2020 Games will begin its journey in Japan. On the same day, Coventry’s own Torch Relay will begin to make its journey between 54 Coventry schools from the Cathedral ruins. ...

Art & Design

Manga Workshop Masterclass with Shango Part of The Superlative Artistry of Japan touring exhibition


21 Mar 2020

Salford Museum & Art Gallery, Salford

Shangomola Edunjobi is an award winning British Manga artist living in London. As part of our celebration of Japanese arts with The Superlative Artistry of Japan exhibition....

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Bunkasai at UEA - Japanese Cultural Festival


19 March 2020

University of East Anglia, Norwich

“Bunkasai at UEA” is a Japanese cultural festival at the University of East Anglia where you can share your passion for Japan! ...

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lectures: Kôgei [Craft] in Japan today, a personal perspective


19 Mar 2020

Norwich Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

Art crafts or kôgei are thriving in modern Japan, building on a long and vibrant history of localised craft production. The dynamism and technical prowess of Japanese artists who work in a wide variety of craft media can be traced to many factors but in no small part have been sustained by formalised systems of patronage....

Art & Design

Toward the Sunrise

16 March – 2 May 2020

Grierson Galleries, Kent

The literal meaning of the word ‘east’ is incredibly romantic and descends from the old English, ēast, (auest) which itself comes from the Germanic ‘austra’: "East, toward the sunrise," ...

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Japanese Story & Craft Time: A Discover Sundays Activity


15 March 2020

Millennium Library, Norwich

Students majoring in Japanese language at the University of East Anglia will read Japanese children’s stories (traditional and modern), translated into English by themselves. ...

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University of Sheffield Japan Day of Culture

15 March 2020

The Octagon Centre, Sheffield

Japan Day is an entire day dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture, as well as cherishing our wonderful Japanese exchange students.

Theatre & Music


14 - 21 & 24-28 March 2020

Leeds Grand Theatre & Sheffield Lyceum Theatre

Northern Ballet’s new production for 2020 is Geisha, a ballet by Kenneth Tindall with music by Alexandra Harwood.For geisha, beauty and honour is everything.Two young women, bound by vows of friendship, find themselves in the midst of a collision between East and West....

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Sakura Festival in Leeds Vol.4

14 March 2020

Left Bank Leeds, Leeds

When we ask this question, many people say Sushi, Manga, Anime ..... We would like British people and people from other countries to know Japanese culture has other charms than those well-known images. Moreover, Japanese local culture is also fascinating....

Theatre & Music

Missing People

12 – 21 March 2020

Leeds Playhouse, Leeds

A thrilling, bilingual show and first co-production between Leeds Playhouse and Kani Public Arts Center in Japan, performed in Japanese and English with surtitles.

Theatre & Music

Shiki - music celebrating the four seasons of Japan

29 February, 21 March, 26 September 2020

Malton, Easingwold & Pocklington

In evening of music from, and inspired by, Japan, Kaminari UK Taiko Drummers will showcase a range of musical pieces, both traditional and self-composed. ....

Theatre & Music

Handel’s Messiah

23 February 2020

Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

A very special performance of Handel’s Messiah by the Handel Festical Choir. 

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lectures:Word Embodied: Entangled Icons in Medieval Japanese Buddhist Art

20 February 2020

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

Dr O’Neal’s project on the Japanese jeweled pagoda mandalas reveals the entangled realms of relics, reliquaries, and Buddhist scripture engendered through intricate interactions of word and image. ...

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Japanese Tea Tasting in Oxford

16 February 2020

Britton Room at Trinity College, University of Oxford

Oxford University Tea Appreciation Society (OUTAS) and Oxford University Japan Society (OUJS) are going to host the event of Japanese tea tasting ...

Theatre & Music

Kodo: Legacy

13, 14, 16 February & 15 March 2020

Basingstoke, Warwick, Dorset & Liverpool

Japan’s legendary Kodo drummers return to their roots with Legacy, a physically stunning and musically sensational show which puts their huge drums centre stage and reworks their treasure trove of signature pieces created across almost 40 years of international touring.

Academia & Science

Japanese After-school Clubs at Chiddingstone Castle

10, 11 February, 2 - 4 March 2020

Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge

As part of our Year of Japan we are running a series of free Japanese after-school clubs for children (recommended age 8 - 11).

Theatre & Music

The Between the Stones Project
Phase 3: the 2020 performance tour

6 February 2020


The 2020 Takasago & Between the Stones tour will involve 18 collaborating artists from Japan, the USA and the UK.

Theatre & Music

Lunchtime Recital: “Japan in the West, the West in Japan”

3 February 2020

University of Southampton

A Japanese-themed lunchtime recital performed by the Japanese pianist and musicologist Ikuko Inoguchi. 

Academia & Science

Twenty-First Century Perspectives on Kazuo Ishiguro – an international conference

1 February 2020

Chancellor's Hall, City Campus, Wolverhampton

The early twenty-first-century presents us with a host of pressing contexts and challenges, from concerns about climate change and technological innovation to diversity issues and shifts in geopolitical power....

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Awaken your zen… Retreat Day

1 February 2020

Chiddingstone Castle, Edenbridge

Welcome the New Year with a retreat day in the Castle and grounds, inspired by Japanese Zen Buddhism. ...


Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2020

31 January - 29 March 2020


The UK’s largest festival of Japanese cinema is back for its 17th edition under the concept of ‘happiness’.Happiness, though universal in its importance, is felt so subjectively by humankind that the definition of the concept is still very elusive.......

Academia & Science

Third Thursday Lectures: Mount Fuji: Changing Landscapes in Japanese History

16 January 2020

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

Fujisan, or Mt. Fuji, is a freestanding volcano and the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776m. Well known as Japan’s national icon, it has been of cultural significance throughout Japanese history and was inscribed as UNESCO Cultural World Heritage in 2013....

Academia & Science

Introduction to Data and Resources Available at Statistics Bureau Japan

9 January 2020

Nuffield College, Oxford

The symposium aims to showcase data collected and made available to researchers by the Japanese Statistical Bureau.

Academia & Science

Third Thursday Lectures: Japan’s First Economic Miracle: Coins and Trade in Twelfth Century East Asia

19 December 2019

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

The twelfth century was a pivotal time in Japan’s history. It witnessed the rise of warriors to national prominence, culminating with the establishment of the Kamakura Shogunate...

Academia & Science

RENKEI researcher workshop on Climate Change

2 - 4 December 2019

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne 

The workshop will bring together around 50 researchers at all career stages and across all disciplinary fields interested in developing and proactively taking forward Japan-UK research collaborations in “climate change”...

Theatre & Music

Ongaku Kyogen Scrooge – Dicken’s A Christmas Carol as Japanese Kyogen with Chamber Ensemble –

27 November 2019

Holywell Music Room, Oxford

Music Kyogen Scrooge, produced by Noriko Kawamura, is an innovative theatrical production that combines Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Japanese traditional comedy play Kyogen, and contemporary music.

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lectures: The Expression of the Four Seasons in Japanese Paintings

21 November 2019

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

The Japanese climate is customarily represented by four distinctive seasons. Over the centuries, Japanese people have appreciated paintings with subjects of those four seasons; some are depicted on byōbu (folding screens) and kakejiku (hanging scrolls) formats.....

Art & Design

The Sake Vessel - Contemporary Interpretations

16 November - 4 December 2019

The Stratford Gallery, Stratford on Avon

The Stratford Gallery is delighted to announce that it will be holding an international Sake ware exhibition this coming November.

Art & Design

Fogscape #03238 Installation at Lumiere Durham 2019

14 to 17 November 2019

Riverside Between Fulling Mill & Framwellgate Bridge, Durham

The Japan Foundation is delighted to support this collaborative installation piece as part of Lumiere Durham 2019!....

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Christmas at Chatsworth

9 November 2019 – 5 January 2020 (closed on 24, 25, 26 December 2019 and 1 January 2020)

Chatsworth, Derbyshire 

Discover lands afar at Chatsworth this Christmas, following in the footsteps of explorers Phileas Fogg and Amelia Earhart. Our guides will lead you on a festive adventure around the globe as you travel from a Nordic winter wonderland, through blossom trees in Japan....

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Doki Doki The Manchester Japanese Festival

9 - 10 November 2019

Sugden Sports Centre, Manchester

An event celebrating both traditional and modern Japanese culture to raise awareness of Japanese Culture in the Manchester and around the UK and to support the charity Aid for Japan.


Japan Sings! – Japanese musicals at QUAD - Derby

7 - 9 November 2019

QUAD, Derby

As part of the British Film Institute’s national season of musicals, QUAD-Derby’s regular Asian movie night Satori Screen will be screening 5 Japanese musicals over three days....

Theatre & Music

OUTLANDS PRESENTS: ​ENS​Õ​ SONE - IMPATV & QUJAKU With special guests group A (presenting a new AV set)

6 - 14 November 2019

Variouse in the UK

OUTLANDS ​experimental music touring​ ​network present an original audio-visual collaboration between Japanese psych band ​Qujaku​ and UK visual artists​ IMPATV​....

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Bristol Japan Cultural Showcase 2019

3 November 2019

Ashton Court Manor, Bristol

We are providing you Japanese cultural showcase and activities for attendees to enjoy.....

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Japanese Cultural Festival

2 November 2019

Brighthelm Centre, Brighton

This one day event will take place in a central location in Brighton with the aim of celebrating unique Japanese culture through music, performance, food and taster language lessons.

Academia & Science

Go! Gender Go! Japan: Media Narratives of Identity

2 November 2019

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester

The University of Manchester in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University and the Economic and Social Research Council bring to the audience media narratives of gender & identity in Japan.

Academia & Science

Skilled Migration: Solving Japan’s demographic crisis?

28 October 2019

St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford

In the past decade, skilled migration policies in Japan have undergone some major transformations through the points-based system and the regional migration scheme....

Art & Design

Textile installation by artist Seiko Kinoshita

18 October - 3 November 2019

Strutts North Mill Museum & Visitor Centre, Belper

Artist Seiko Kinoshita is creating an illuminated lantern walk through the historic Clusters housing in Belper, alongside a contemporary textile installation which will be in the fascinating basement of the North Mill – we can’t wait for this!

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lectures: Ukiyo-e Printmaking and the Arts and Crafts Movement

17 October 2019

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich 

Ukiyo-e prints have inspired many Western artists, and it is particularly well known that some Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists incorporated the motifs and compositional devices of ukiyo-e prints into their paintings....

Academia & Science

The international conference, ‘Okinawan Art in its Regional Context: Historical Overview and Contemporary Practice’

10 & 11 October 2019

University of East Anglia, Norwich

The international conference, ‘Okinawan Art in its Regional Context: Historical Overview and Contemporary Practice’, to be held at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK.

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Discover Japan

5 October 2019, 14 March 2020

World Museum, Liverpool

At World Museum in Liverpool, alongside a presentation of works by Taki Katei, Japan Society North West will organise: Shamisen playing, Awa Odori dancer, Tengu Taiko, Liverpool Jujitsu, Samurai Armour presentation, Shodo, ...

Art & Design

Taki Katei – Japanese Paintings

4 October 2019 - 13 April 2020

World Museum, Liverpool

In 2019 National Museums Liverpool will host the first-ever exhibition of Taki Katei’s work outside Japan as part of the Japan 2020 Cultural Olympiad.

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Kodōsai Cultural Event

4 - 6 October 2019

Holiday Inn Basildon, Basildon

A weekend of Japanese cultural workshops delivered to the public in Basildon, Essex. This years event will see Shodo (calligraphy) workshops, Kyujitsu (archery), Cosplay, Japanese language, Ikebana and various traditional martial arts demonstrations.

Art & Design

Floating Worlds: Japanese Woodcuts

28 September 2019 - 12 January 2020

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Brighton

Come with us on a journey to explore the ‘floating worlds’ of Japan through woodblock prints from the Edo period (1615-1868).

Academia & Science

Over Here, Over There

26 - 29 September 2019

The Settlement at Castle Hill, Cumbria

A festival in conjunction with Maryport Maritime Museum celebrating migration in Victorian Maryport.

Theatre & Music

From the Dust of This Wretched Earth

26 September 2019

Phipps Halls, Huddersfield

A collaboration between the Uchledre Centre and dance practitioner Melissa Prasut, this full-length dance production will combine traditional and non-traditional art approaches and involve a number of international artists,...

Art & Design

Powerful Nature: Inspiring Japanese Art and Culture

20 September 2019 - 26 January 2020

Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby

An exhibition of Japanese watercolours and prints from Derby Museums’ own collection, including works made by two of Japan’s most famous artists, Katsushika Hokusai (c.1760-1849) and Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).

Art & Design

Japanese Ghosts and Demons: Woodblock Prints from the Ashmolean Museum

20 September 2019 - 26 January 2020

Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby

Giant spiders, dancing skeletons, winged goblins and hordes of ghostly warriors are among the subjects depicted in this display of striking 19th century woodblock prints, drawn from the Ashmolean Museum’s rich collection of Japanese art.

Academia & Science

Third Thursday Lectures: Book Launch: East Asian Art History in a Transnational Context

19 September 2019

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

At this book launch Professor Watanabe will firstly introduce the book by explaining why it is so important to understand Japanese art and culture not as something isolated, but as part of a larger context of East Asia.....

Art & Design


17 September - 3 November 2019

Upfront Gallery, Cumbria

Sumi-e, suiboku-ga and photographs of a journey around Japan visiting beautiful and mysterious Shinto shrines....

Art & Design

Museum of the Moon - coinciding with Tsukimi

16 September - 6 October 2019

Derby Cathedral, Derby

Museum of the Moon is a fusion of lunar imagery, moonlight and surround sound composition created by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award-winning composer Dan Jones and it will be with us from Monday 16 September to Sunday 6 October.

Art & Design


14 - 29 September 2019

Yorkshire Hub, Leeds

Kuroko is a group exhibition of artists based in UK and Japan working in sculpture. The exhibition is supported and presented by Index Festival Leeds, the artist led fringe festival during the inaugural Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019.


A season of Japanese Cinema

8 September 2019 - 23 February 2020

Altrincham Little Theatre, Altrincham

In autumn 2019/winter 2020, Altrincham Little Theatre will be hosting a season of Japanese Cinema. Following the success of our recent Italian Film Seasons, we will be joined by regular presenter Maggie Hoffgen, who will introduce the films and lead a discussion session after each screening for anyone who wishes to join in.....

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Will Adams Festival

7 September 2019

Gillingham Park, Medway

At the festival you will experience both maritime history and Japanese culture in the 17th and the 21st century.


Deloitte Japanese Business Dinner

5 September 2019

HSBC UK National Cycling Centre, Manchester

This is the flagship Japanese business dinner held annually to celebrate the UK & Japan business links in Manchester.

Theatre & Music

Canary English Rakugo Company: English Rakugo at St Peter's Chaplaincy

1 September 2019

St Peter's House Chaplaincy, Manchester

English Rakugo at St Peter's Chaplaincy presented by Kanariya Eiraku (Sudo Tatsuya), a performer of English Rakugo.

Theatre & Music

“Noh” Introductory Workshop

24 August 2019

The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool

The master noh actor of the Kita School, Akira Matsui, will offer a 2-hour workshop on noh singing, movement, and perhaps a demonstration piece for performance as well.

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Tanabata Festival

17 August 2019

Tatton Park, Cheshire

Tanabata, or the Star Festival, is typically held on the evening of 7 July throughout Japan, but the festival can be celebrated from June through to August. The festival traces its origins to a romantic legend that....


Third Thursday Lectures: Japanese Cinema At Home and Overseas 1950-1970

15 August 2019

Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

The 1950s was a period called ‘the golden age of Japanese films’. Japanese film-makers won a string of awards, starting with Kurosawa Akira’s Rashomon, which received the Golden Lion at the 1951 Venice Film Festival, and followed by Mizoguchi Kenji’s successive prizes at Venice.....


Cowes SailGP

10 & 11 August 2019

Cowes, Isle of Wight

The new SailGP is re-defining the sport of sailing. The racing takes place in some of the world's most iconic city waterfronts, ....

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Japanese Season of Culture at Chichester College

6 August 2019 - 24 July 2020

Chichester College campus, Chichester

Chichester College will hold several Japa related events throughout 2019 and 2020.

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Coventry Hiroshima Day 2019

6 August 2019

Coventry Cathedral, Coventry

On Tuesday 6th August at 5.30 for 6pm, there will be a service of reflection at Coventry Cathedral and Capel of Unity Coventry Cathedral to remember the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

Theatre & Music

Taiko Drumming Workshop

6 August 2019

Coventry Cathedral, Coventry

Coventry Lord Mayor’s Peace Committee for Peace & Reconciliation and Coventry Cathedral invite you to a Taiko Drumming Workshop run by Taikowest on Hiroshima Day on 6 August 2019.

Theatre & Music


6 August 2019

Ditchling Museum, East Sussex

"Scored in Silence” is an intimate new solo digital performance artwork for 40 people that unpacks the untold tales of Deaf hibakusha – survivors of the A-Bombs that fell in Hiroshima in 1945.

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Pure Land Japanese Garden - lantern-lit evening garden

3 August - 29 September 2019

Pure Land Japanese Garden, Nottinghamshire

In the present day, the traditional Japanese lantern-lit evening garden is increasingly rare even within Japan, and Pure Land Japanese Garden is the only place in Europe where one may take part in this beautiful experience.

Academia & Science

Ishibashi Foundation Summer Fellowship 2019

27 July - 17 August 2019

University of East Anglia, Norwich

The Centre for Japanese Studies at the UEA is hosting an intensive three-week postgraduate level fellowship in Japanese Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Academia & Science

Wavell Shoei Schools Summer Exchange Hosted by The University of Winchester

24 - 27 July 2019

University of Winchester, Hampshire

Summer Exchange Camp over 4 days with a variety of activities.

Art & Design

The Chief, The Missionary, His Wife & Her Brother

13 July - 2 November 2019

Hertford Museum, Hertford

Discover the amazing family of the Hertford Museum founders and their fascinating lives amongst the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, North Japan......

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Japanese Star Festival Tanabata

7 July 2019

The Museum of East Asian Art, Bath

We plan to hold a one-day Festival at The Museum of East Asian Art on Sunday 7 July 2019 to cerebrate Japanese Star festival, Tanabata.

Art & Design

A Drunk Pandemic

5 - 21 July 2019

Victoria Station Tunnels, Manchester

Here at the invitation of Contact Young Curators, five emerging local artists brought together by MIF and Contact, Tokyo’s Chim↑Pom are building a temporary brewery underneath Manchester Victoria Station.

Art & Design

Kaku Hayashi at International Ceramics Festival

5 - 7 July 2019

Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales

The Japan Foundation is proud to be supporting the appearance of Kaku Hiyashi at International Ceramics Festival. After graduating from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1978, she quickly rose to become one of Japan's leading ceramicists.....

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Leicestershire Young Ambassador Japan Conference

3 July 2019

the University of Leicester


On Wednesday 3rd of July, Year 5 pupils from various schools in Leicestershire will take part in a day of sports and Japanese culture to celebrate the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. As part of the Leicestershire Young Ambassador Japan Conference,....

Academia & Science

Japan Orientation:An introduction to the study of Japan and its place in the world

29 June - 13 July 2019

University of East Anglia, Norwich

This international undergraduate summer school is dedicated to the study of Japan and its role in world.

Academia & Science

Europe Goes to Tokyo

24 June 2019

University of Nottingham, Nottingham

A challenge event for Year 9 and 10 students learning French, German and Spanish and introducing them also to Japanese. Theme will be the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Art & Design

Solo Exhibition by Nobuko Tsuchiya at Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019

22 June - 29 September 2019

The White Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds

Nobuko Tsuchiya uses a variety of media to create imaginative sculptures that evoke an arresting narrative quality. Her work incorporates found household objects including mop buckets, table legs, rags and plastic tubing....

Academia & Science

Nihongo Cup 2019

22 June 2019

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

Nihongo Cup, the Japanese Speech Contest for Secondary School students, is accepting applications across three categories: Key Stage 3, Pre-GCSE Key Stage 4/5, and Post GCSE Key Stage 4 and 5...

Academia & Science

Europe Goes to Tokyo

21 June 2019

King Edward's Witley School, Surrey

A challenge event for Year 9 and 10 students learning French, German and Spanish and introducing them also to Japanese. Theme will be the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lecture: Manga at the British Museum

20 June 2019

Norwich Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

This talk gives a behind the scenes look at the creating of The Citi exhibition Manga マンガ (23 May to 26 August 2019) currently on display in the Sainsbury Exhibition Gallery at the British Museum. Manga is a visual form of narrative storytelling that employs the power of line to literally draw the reader into the story....

Art & Design

Flower Shows and Japanese Dress Shows for the Purpose of International Artistic and Cultural Exchanges

16 June 2019

Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead

“From seven years ago we have held a flower show twice a year and have opened a new workshop for the Japanese flower arrangement...

Art & Design


15 June - 6 October 2019

The Heong Gallery, Cambridge

Demonstrating Yoko Ono’s use of the ‘sky’ since the early 1960s, the exhibition Sky Pieces will fill The Heong Gallery with pieces of the sky, featuring over thirty works, ...

Theatre & Music


15 June 2019

Howard Theatre, Cambridge

In Sky Piece To Jesus Christ (1965/2019), a group of musicians play a score, whilst another group of performers begin to wrap medical gauze around each member of the orchestra along with their instruments, as well as the conductor.

Academia & Science

UK-Japan University Dialogue 2019

13 June 2019

University of Manchester

As the UK and Japan agree to forge a new strategic alliance, there are strong prospects for greater collaboration between the Japanese and UK higher education sectors....

Academia & Science

York-Tohoku-Kaiserslautern Research Symposium on "New-Concept Spintronic Devices"

12 - 14 June 2019

University of York, York

A symposium on new concept spintronic devices to disseminate results obtained through the JSPS-EPSRC-DFG-funded Core-to-Core programme. 

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Sakura Festival in Leeds VOL.3

8 June 2019

Leeds Kirkgate Market, Leeds

"We would like to introduce Japanese culture through stage performance, food, and culture experience booth especially by featuring ‘traditional side’ of Japan and ‘present-day’ or ‘modern side’ of Japan..."

Theatre & Music

A Night of Music

25 May 2019

St Botolph’s Church, Colchester

The Colchester Military Wives Choir are being joined by The Amici Mixed choir from Okinawa, Japan and the Bao-Lai junior High School Chorus from Taiwan, for A Night of Music.

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Demolition Memorial Keepsake for LightNight 2019

17 May 2019

Performance Space, Bluecoat, Liverpool

Demolition Memorial Keepsake is a participatory project undertaken by Japanese artist anti-cool. A series of public workshops will explore memorial objects, funerals and ceremonies from different cultures. Inspired by Japanese cremation ceremonies, burning rituals will be held with local participants..

Art & Design

Fujita Tsuguharu: a classical painter?

16 May 2019

Norwich Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

After being neglected by critics and historians for about half of a century, the work of Fujita Tsuguharu (Léonard Foujita, 1886-1968) is being rediscovered as suggest recent exhibitions in Tokyo and Paris. But points of view have changed as the importance of vanguardism in 20th century art history has receded into the background....

Art & Design

Common Cause: John Ruskin, Japan & the Craft Tradition

15 May – 5 August 2019

Brantwood, home of John Ruskin

15th May 2019 JapaneseTea Ceremony & Presentation. Celebrating the friendship of Japan and Great Britain through the inspirational legacy of John Ruskin, the Urasenke Foundation will present and demonstrate the ancient Japanese art of tea. Brantwood Coach House.

Academia & Science

Reopening the ‘Opening of Japan’: A Two-Day International Conference to Mark the 150th Anniversary of the Meiji Restoration

10 - 11 May 2019

The Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies and St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

On the 10th and 11th May 2019, the Nissan Institute will be host to an international conference to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration and mark the imperial transition....

Academia & Science

Modern Japan in the Comparative Imagination

9 & 10 May 2019

Durham University, Durham

This conference considers how modern Japanese history, literature, and art have been shaped by and understood through comparisons across national and cultural boundaries.....

Academia & Science

Tokyo 2020 and Japan’s Soft Power

1 May 2019

University of Oxford, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford

Amidst the flux of the liberal international order, Japan’s public diplomacy, which relies solely on its cultural uniqueness, is inadequate. Professor Yasushi Watanabe of Keio University proposes new principles for an age where the diplomatic sphere is expanding from negotiation tactics to agenda setting and norm setting. In this presentation,....

Art & Design

Lifelines: the Woodcuts of Naoko Matsubara

16 April – 6 October 2019

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford University, Oxford

This exhibition celebrates the remarkable artistic career of Naoko Matsubara, a distinguished Japanese print artist based in Canada. 40 joyful woodcuts created over six decades demonstrate the remarkable innovation and variety of her work.

Theatre & Music

Japanese Folk Music (minyo) Taster Workshop

13 April 2019

International Society, William Kay House,Manchester

A taster session where you will learn how to sing and play Japanese folk songs.....

Theatre & Music

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra The sixth Europe Tour 2019

13 April 2019

Town Hall(Leeds)

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and Chief Conductor Pietari Inkinen are planning Europe tour in April 2019, which will be the first Europe tour in 13 years for JPO. It will be the first time for the orchestra to visit Finland, and other visits include cities in Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom.

Art & Design

Exhibition: Samurai : Ancient warriors of Japan

6 April - 13 July 2019

Buckinghamshire County Museum, Buckinghamshire

Exhibition of a private collection of historical Japanese arms and armour, from the 16th – 19th century, as well as some stunning modern swords by accredited high level swordsmiths.

And More

Hanami Festival & Hanami Experience

4th -28th April 2019

Brogdale Farm, the home of the National Fruit Collection, Kent

Brogdale will be hosting a day long festival of the blossom to encompass all things Japanese along with the chance for the public to picnic under the blossom throughout April 2019..

Academia & Science

Fukushima Hamadori HIGH SCHOOL ACADEMY 2019

March - October 2019

Various Locations

This event will be organised by Specified Non-profit Corporation HAPPY ROAD NET. "We are arranging an educational project which will provide 20 high school students from Fukushima Hamadori an opportunity to visit Sellafield Ltd...."

Theatre & Music

Hand in Hand

22 March 2019

Dance City, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Hand In Hand is choreographed by Chisato Minamimura and is produced by Nicole Vivien Watson of Surface Area Dance Theatre and Paul Miller of Rory Studio and supported by Moving Art Management.

Art & Design

Third Thursday Lectures: Thinking about Late Hokusai

21 March2019

Norwich Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

“Our exhibition Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave, held at the British Museum and Abeno Harukas Art Museum, Osaka in the summer and autumn of 2017, proposed that the older the artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) became, the more powerful and sublime was his art....


UK Paralympic Performance Conference - Japanese culture session and reception (Invitation Only)

12 March - 13 March 2019

Hilton Manchester Deansgate, Manchester

This is a conference for coaches, practitioners, and national federation staff who will be attending 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games to be exposed to basic Japanese language, culture, and Sake. This is an invitaion only programme.

Theatre & Music

“Falling Family “ contemporary dance performance

9 March 2019

Nothern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds

A double-bill of contemporary dance performance.Two rising female choreographers share personal stories of illness, love and loss in a moving and inspiring double bill.

Academia & Science

University of Leicester-Tokyo Metropolitan University Joint Symposium “Multilateral Approaches to Life and Environments”

6 - 8 March 2019

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester-Tokyo Metropolitan University Joint Symposium “Multilateral Approaches to Life and Environments” showcases the cutting-edge research work in astrophysics, neuroscience, structual biology, mechanobiology, biosensing and anthropology areas. Invitation only.

Art & Design

Potters From Japan

2 March - 19 May 2019

Leach Pottery, Cornwall

Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada’s endeavours, in establishing the Leach Pottery nearly a century ago, cemented a lifelong friendship and strong bonds between subsequent potters and their communities in the UK and Japan....

And More

Cherry Trees for Schools

Until 28 February 2019

Cherry Trees for Schools, The Japan Society, 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP

We are now inviting schools in the UK to apply to be part of the Sakura Cherry Tree Planting Project in the UK, a project to celebrate the friendship between Japan and the UK.

Theatre & Music

“Falling Family “ contemporary dance performance

28 February 2019

DanceXchange, Birmingham

A double-bill of contemporary dance performance.Two rising female choreographers share personal stories of illness, love and loss in a moving and inspiring double bill.

Academia & Science

Japan-UK Workshop - Overcoming health challenges at different life stages, using big data, biobank and cohort approaches

27 February 2019

University of Bristol, Bristol

"In order to advance research and development on life stage challenges (e.g. influences on timing of dementia onset, effects of fetal exposure in adolescence), we will hold a joint workshop between researchers..."

Academia & Science

Seminar co-organized by JF/BAJS

23 February 2019

University of Manchester

"Japanese language that brings together" themed seminar by Professor Thomson from New South Wales University, Australia.

And More

Japan Now 2019

20 - 21 February 2019

Bath, Nottingham, Manchester, Cambridge, Norwich

Japan Now returns this February with a series of events around the UK celebrating the most exciting Japanese literature and culture...

Academia & Science

International symposium: Japan in the World and the World in Japan:
A Methodological Approach

15-16 February 2019

Sainsbury Institute, Norwich

An international symposium on teaching Japanese Studies and Japan-related topics around the world.The “Japan-in-the-World Forum” is an organization of young researchers and instructors seeking to establish a network/ discussion forum for young researchers and instructors...

Theatre & Music

Flight Paths

5 February - 5 March 2019 (See details for touring schedule.)


Two of Britain’s leading theatre companies, Extant and Yellow Earth have joined forces to present an exciting new play called Flight Paths.


Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2019

2 February - 28 March 2019


Since 2004, the Japan Foundation, London has organised a Japanese film programme in close partnership with distinguished film venues and programme advisors in the UK.


Lecture and Demonstration of Japanese culinary culture

2 February 2019

University of Oxford

Lecture and demonstraion showcasing Japanese culinary culture and techniques.


JLGC Seminar 2019
"New Roads to Japan – Forging better business links through the Toyota-Derbyshire Partnership –"

1 February 2019

The Roundhouse, Derby College, Derby

This year’s JLGC(Japan Local Government Centre) seminar, as part of the recent 20th Anniversary of Toyota-Derbyshire Twinning activities, will focus on creating local business opportunities through international municipal twinning links.


University of Oxford Internships and Work Placements in Japan

Until December 2020

The Oxford Alumni Club of Japan is currently running a campaign to expand the number of intern host companies and organisations in Japan.

Academia & Science

School visit to celebrate the UK-Japan Season of Culture 2019-2020 and to highlight Japanese culture in Wales

31 January 2019

Sony UK Technology Centre, Bridgend

A special event for local school children to experience Japanese culture first hand; Japan of the past, present and future.

Art & Design

Masters of Japanese Prints: Life in the City

12 January – 12 May 2019

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol

Featuring original woodblock prints from Bristol’s collection, this exhibition explores the sophisticated urban culture of Japan in the 18th and 19th centuries, from fashion and day trips to geisha and the kabuki theatre.

Academia & Science

Avant-Garde Calligraphy between Postwar Japan, Europe, and the United States

17 January 2019

Weston Room, Cathedral Hostry, Norwich

As the French theoretician of abstract art Michel Seuphor wrote in 1962, “in the 1960s, every abstract painter is fascinated by the East, dreams of visiting Japan, perhaps to find the delights of Japanese calligraphy.” This talk is dedicated to the artists who launched and fuelled this fascination....

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