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Event Endorsement Guidelines

The Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom (hereinafter referred to as "the Embassy") is seeking proposals for a wide range of events celebrating the Japan Season of Culture in the UK between 2019 and 2021, bridging the Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Organisers of events will be entitled to use the wording “Official event of Japan Season of Culture in the UK” for all publicity material. The terms for the granting of official recognition are as follows:

1. Eligibility

(1) Eligible events will run throughout 2019 to 2021.

(2) We particularly welcome events related to the four highlighted themes of Disability Sports, Future Generations, Designing a Society for the Future (e.g. cutting-edge technologies which may help in solving global issues), and Washoku and Japanese Sake. Events shall be aimed at advancing mutual understanding between Japanese and British people, particularly the next generation.

For instance, they might be:

  • cultural events
  • grassroots educational programmes
  • people-to-people exchange initiatives
  • intellectual exchange activities
  • events promoting corporate social responsibility

(3) The cost of staging the events must be fully covered by the organisers/applicants.

2. Privileges accruing from the recognition of an event

(1) Once an event has been recognised, it will be allowed to use the title ‘‘Official event of the Japan Season of Culture in the UK” and the official logo for all publicity materials (e.g. posters, pamphlets, websites, signboards and banners).

(2) Such an event will be registered in the Official Event List of the Japan Season of Culture in the UK. It will be publicised on this website and other relevant Japanese Government organisations.

3. How to register

(1) Please forward your completed application form to the Japan Season of Culture in the UK Desk at the Embassy, at least two (2) months prior to the date of the planned event.

(2) The Embassy will review your application documents based on the guidelines.

(3) The Embassy will inform the relevant organisation of the result of the application in writing. Once an event has been approved, the Embassy will send the electronic data of the logo to the applicant and publish the outline of the event in the Official Event List of the Japan Season of Culture in the UK on this website.

(4) After an event has taken place, please submit a report on it to the Embassy.

(5) The above-mentioned report should include all relevant information, including the number of participants and an assessment of:

  • the extent to which the objective was achieved;
  • the impact on the targeted audience; and
  • the event's contribution to the Japan-UK relationship.

4. Notes

(1) Organisers will be fully responsible for all aspects of the events.

(2) As we are unable to return applications, we recommend you to keep a copy for your own reference.

(3) As a matter of policy, the Embassy does not provide any feedback regarding the outcome of the selection process.

(4) Organisers shall not alter the design or colour scheme of the logo or use it for other purposes without permission of the Embassy.

(5) Organisers shall not use the logo to make profits or to promote commercial activities.

(6) Organisers should be aware that, if it is deemed that any of the guidelines have been breached after an event has been registered, the registration may be cancelled.

(7) Should an event be cancelled or in the case of a substantive change, the organiser should inform the Embassy in writing without delay.


Please see our FAQ page;

6. Event registration and enquiries

Japan Season of Culture in the UK Desk
Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom
101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

Event registration: please go to;



1. 事業認定基準

(1) 2019年~2021年に実施される事業であること。

(2) 次の趣旨・目的に合致する事業であること。


  • 文化紹介
  • 草の根の教育活動
  • 人的交流
  • 知的交流
  • 企業による社会貢献に関連する事業

(3) 事業実施にかかる経費については,主催者側が一切の責任を負うものとします。

2. 認定事業の特典

(1) 認定された事業は,該当事業の広報媒体(ポスター,パンフレット,ウェブサイト,看板,垂れ幕等)に「英国における日本文化季間認定事業」であることを明記し,ロゴマークを使用することができます。

(2) 認定された事業は,「英国における日本文化季間認定事業一覧」に掲載されます(本ホームページ等で公表)。

3. 申請・認定の流れ

(1) 事業認定を希望する団体は,申請書を事業実施の2か月前までに,大使館の英国における日本文化季間事務局に提出してください。

(2) 申請書を受理した大使館は事業認定ガイドラインに従い,事業の審査を行います。

(3) 大使館は,審査結果を申請者に書面にて通知します。認定事業に承認されると,大使館からロゴマークの電子データを申請者に送付するとともに,本ホームページの「英国における日本文化季間認定事業一覧」に事業概要を掲載します。

(4) 事業終了後,大使館に報告書を提出してください。

(5) 上記報告書は,参加者及び以下の必要な情報を全て含むようにしてください。

  • 事業の目的の達成状況
  • 対象とした参加者への影響
  • 事業の日英関係への貢献

4. 注意事項

(1) 事業の実施に関わる全ての責任は事業主催者にあります。

(2) 提出された書類は返送致しません。必要な場合は予めコピーを御用意ください。

(3) 大使館は,審査の経緯等についてのお問い合わせにはお答えできませんので御了承ください。

(4) 事業実施団体は,大使館の許可なく,ロゴマークのデザインや色を変更することはできません。

(5) 事業実施団体は,ロゴマークを用いて商業活動を推進したり利益を得ることはできません。

(6) 事業実施団体は,事業内容が認定条件に合致しないことが明らかになった場合,認定を取り消すことがあります。

(7) 事業内容に変更が生じる場合,または,中止となった場合は,直ちにその旨を書面にて通報してください。


詳細は、"FAQ(よくある質問)"ページをご覧ください (英語)

6. 申請書類の送付先・問合せ先


住所: Japan Season of Culture in the UK Desk
Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom
101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT

イベントの申請書類は、"登録 (認定事業登録申請書)"ページをご覧ください。



Please read guidelines and apply your event