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Neo-Japanesque 2006

Invitation to a Performance of SAVIOUR 4: Sublime Epiphanies (8 Oct)

The Banqueting House, Whitehall, London SW1A






SAVIOUR 4: Sublime Epiphanies has been specifically devised for the London stage by Japanese creative artist Hiroaki Omote in collaboration with director/choreographer Mitch Sebastian and composer Andrew Peggie. It is inspired by Omote��s idea of "Neo-Japanesque", that is to say adapting old traditions to a modern setting so as to shape a new, vibrant Japanese culture that resonates in a global context.


SAVIOUR 4 is presented by J-Art and the Association for Modernising the Culture and Traditional Industry of Japan, with the support of Japan��s Agency for Cultural Affaires and the Embassy of Japan.


In this work, Omote��s conception of the individual's journey through life to self-discovery brings together contemporary and traditional elements. The protagonist, Omote himself, embarks on a fascinating, challenging and mysterious journey to self-knowledge as he follows his destiny from birth to ascension. The work offers a rare insight into the creative imagery of the Neo-Japanesque world.


Omote has presented many highly-acclaimed design and performing arts projects internationally since 1996, including the world premier of SAVIOUR 1 in Seoul in 2000. This highly-original latest work, SAVIOUR 4, performed by British and Japanese musicians, singers and dancers, is visually and musically magnificent. It explores modern computergraphic effects in a Kabuki-like stage setting within a specially-created environment in the spectacular Banqueting Hall.


The work will last one hour, with a reception in the beautiful Undercroft Room.


For further information visit: www.neo-j.jp


If you are interested in attending one of the two special free performances of SAVIOUR 4 shown below, please contact akiko5@btinternet.com with your name, title/organisation, address, tel. no. and email details.


You may choose from the following options:


* First performance:3:30-4:30pm with reception 2:30-3:30pm
* Second performance: 5:30-6:30pm with reception 4:30-5:30pm


Spaces are limited
Deadline for reservations: 28 September 2006




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