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One Man, One Cause, One Day!

10-11 AUGUST 2011


Captain Bill Kawai-Calderhead is calling upon your support to help raise awareness and provide much-needed aid to North East Japan through his familys charity event the Fukushima 100 Mile Challenge.


Bill, whose mother is Japanese, will run 100 miles around London in 24hrs, with his sister Maia cycling alongside. Starting on 10 August from the Japanese Embassy, the 100-mile route will replicate the Fukushima nuclear reactor exclusion zone, and be completed by 05:46am on 11 August - exactly five months on from the tragedy. Bill is a serving British Army Officer and was the UK Liaison Officer with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Forces based in Samawah, Iraq from November 2005 to April 2006.

Captain Bill Kawai-Calderhead

The route

After the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March this year, my family and I wanted to raise the much-needed funds to help those hundreds of thousands affected. We wanted to highlight just how catastrophic this disaster has been, and running the exclusion zone around the capital was a simple way of trying to put the scale of the disaster into context for Londoners: if you're in the zone, you would have been evacuated.

The challenge, aiming to raise an ambitious ¥10,000,000 (just over £76,000) for the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, is calling upon public support to help achieve this target. Showing local support is the acclaimed Indian restaurant Moti Mahal, where Chef Anirudh Arora will lead some of the UKs finest chefs in preparing a delectable feast and will host an exclusive auction for 75 lucky diners. The chef line-up comprises Jun Tanaka (The Pearl), Hayashi Daisuke (Sake no Hana), Martyn Pearn (Peels Restaurant), Sriram Aylur (Quilon) and Edd Kimber (winner of BBC2s The Great British Bake Off).


Speaking of the event, Ani comments, I am honoured that we at Moti Mahal can contribute to such a worthy cause. By holding an auction, we hope to raise a significant amount of money to help achieve the target. I wish Bill all the luck in the world, and can assure a tasty meal at the end of it!


If you are interested in supporting then please look at the events website, www.fukushima100milechallenge.org.uk