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Embassy of Japan in the UK
April 2021 Webmagazine

Update from JICC and a new quiz on Japanese cityscapes

Get the latest news from JICC and test your knowledge of Japan`s cities ...more
Japanese Kitchen Shogayaki (ginger fried pork)

Tokyo is our latest location - and surprisingly is the birthplace of this countrywide-loved dish ...more
Spotlight on... TAKAHASHI Yukiko of Takahashi Kobo, a 160-year-old ukiyo-e woodblock print workshop

In the first of our interviews this month, we take a closer look at the world of ukiyo-e ...more
Spotlight on... ONODA Arisa, Japanese pianist

Guest performer of our 11th Green Park Youth concert is the subject of our second interview this month ...more
Japan International Manga Award: Accepting submissions
until 8 July 2021

The Japan International Manga Award is a prestigious prize for manga creators outside of Japan. Both published and unpublished stories over 16 pages in length are being accepted for consideration now.

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