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Prime Minister Abe’s visit boosts Japan-UK relations

In the early evening of Wednesday 30 April, the Japanese Prime Minister and Mrs Abe arrived in the United Kingdom for a two-day official visit.  It was the second leg of a six-nation tour of Europe. The following morning I accompanied ...more
Japan Days around the UK 2014

As we head into the summer there are a number of Japan-related events around the country to get you into Japanese festival mode! From Cardiff to Glasgow to London, people around the country have been getting together to show their enthusiasm for all things Japan ...more
JAPAN-UK Events Calendar
Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for details of upcoming Japan-UK related events!
Films at the Embassy
Rail Truck

Wednesday 25 June 2014, 18:30
Free admission.
Prior registration essential
Exhibitions at the Embassy
Washoku - Japanese Cuisine for Body and Soul
Until late June. Free admission.
London's "black cabs" get a Japanese makeover
In August 2012, Nissan unveiled a proto-type black cab. The company then gained feedback from the UK public ...more
Embassy of Japan Spring Haiku competition for webmagazine readers ...more
JAPANESE KITCHEN: Jidori-no-nitsuke
The fifth installment of our Japanese Kitchen series takes us to the southern island of Kyushu, the land of "Kuro-buta" and shochu ...more
Video Topics: Discovering Sake
4. Land: Climate & Water
Episode 4 of 10 MAFF sponsored short-film series which shows how rice type and cultivation has a huge effect on the final taste and character of sake.
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