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Still celebrating Nadeshiko Japan's Football World Cup victory, we include some sporting challenges in this edition with Japan's Triathletes competing in a London 2012 practice event and Captain Bill Kawai-Calderhead's Fukushima 100 mile challenge. Also in August, the Embassy hosts a photographic exhibition Vibrant Africa and screens the film Haru, Japan features prominently at this year's Edinburgh International Festival and Japanese artists are featured in the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition.

We interview Oscar-winner Emi Wada and report on Ambassador Hayashi's visit to Tatton Park and the Japan Self-Defence Forces Day Reception at the Embassy. This summer we wave off 195 new JET participants and we also bid a fond farewell to JICC Director Ken Okaniwa, who is leaving this month for a post in South Africa.


Spotlight on.. 'The Bow Tie Man'

Minister Ken Okaniwa has been Director of the Japan Information and Culture Centre since December 2008. He will be departing in August to take up a position at the Embassy of Japan in Pretoria, South Africa.

"When I was at Oxford 25 years ago, I never dreamt that sushi would be lining the counters in Tesco today!"...more

Vibrant Africa: The Power of People 

16 - 26 August, The Embassy of Japan
The photo exhibition Vibrant Africa brings into focus the astonishing spirit of the people of Africa...more

Films at the Embassy: Haru

31 August, The Embassy of Japan
Director Morita Yoshimitsu skillfully shows us that a computerised society has not destroyed human love...more

Japan at the Edinburgh International Festival
A performance of Haruki Murakami's The
Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
and Hiroshi
Sugimoto's Lightning Fields and
Photogenic Drawings

One Man, One Cause,
One Day!

10-11 August 2011, London

Bill Kawai-Calderhead will run 100 miles around London in 24 hours...more

Ganbare Nippon!
6-7 August, London
Japan's Best Triathletes are in London for a 2012 Practice Event - head to London's
Hyde Park to show your support...more

Last Chance to See - The Royal Academy of Artsf Summer Exhibition
Until 15 August
The 243rd Summer Exhibition includes works by several Japanese artists...more

Oscar-winner Emi Wada to visit UK

"My work takes me all over the world, but
the basis of my designs is Japanese,
particularly my native Kyoto"...more
Tatton Park's Japanese Garden celebrates 100th Anniversary

Ambassador Hayashi planted a tree to mark the occassion...more

JET-ing off to Japan
This yearfs contingent sets off

195 UK JETs leave for Japan this year, reflecting the important role the programme plays in UK-Japan relations...more

Embassy hosts the Japan Self-Defence Forces Day Reception

"I would certainly hope to see more
vigorous interaction and cooperation
between our two countries"...more
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