Latest Visa Information


To apply for a visa, please prepare the documents required (based on the visa type appropriate to your purpose of visit listed below), then make an appointment to attend the Embassy to submit your application.

Documents Required

1 Temporary Visitor Visa

【Business (This category excludes profit-making operations and paid activities.) 】

Simplification of required documents for business-related Temporary Visitor visa applications

【Visiting relatives】

Available to applicants who are first- or second-degree relatives of a Japanese national or ‘Permanent Resident’ status holder, or first-degree relatives of a ‘Long Term Resident’ status holder (first-degree relatives include spouses, children and parents; second-degree relatives include grandparents and grandchildren)

Simplification of required documents for family-related Temporary Visitor visa applications

【Visiting for humanitarian reasons】

Please contact the Visa Desk for further information.

2 Long-term visas and short-term working visas (applications with a certificate of eligibility)

3 Working Holiday Visa

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Additional important information

  1. All visas issued before 2nd December 2021 have been suspended (except those labelled 'Spouse or Child of Japanese National', 'Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident' or 'Diplomat').
  2. Please contact the Visa Desk for further information.