The judging panel has selected the manga below as the winning entries for this year’s Manga Jiman and Yonkoma Manga competitions. The following entries are listed in alphabetical order by forename and the position of each entrant will be announced at an invitation-only awards ceremony in February 2017 at the Embassy of Japan.

© Luca Fruzza
Name of Entrant Title of Entry
Aamir Zaheer Click
Adeline Kwok Dreams of the Past, Hope for the Future
Ami Clark Views of Japan
Dalila Trovoada Foodventure
Elizabeth Reed Silk
Ewan Gallagher Ordinary Life Limits
Huy Hoang Coming To Life
Ira Tang Scroll
Katharine Marshall The Travels of Sushi
Keith Jenkins Speed and Flight
Pamela Lokhun Views of Sakura
Shangomola Edunjobi God's Island
© Luca Fruzza

All of the above entries will be displayed at a special exhibition open to the general public at the Embassy of Japan in January 2017 and this page will be updated with the final positions once the announcement has been made.

We would like to thank all those who have entered.
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