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Influence A solo show by Irie Takahito

3 - 31 October 2013, London

Arebyte gallery is very excited to present Irie Takahito’s first ever solo show in the UK, Influence - part of his ongoing project, H/U/M/A/N/M/A/C/H/I/N/E, in which he explores the boundaries between the** natural and the artificial. The project has been shown previously in Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo and Weimar, Germany.

H/U/M/A/N/M/A/C/H/I/N/E explores the implications of technology on consciousness and the human body; the change in the relationship between man and machine over time, and the point at which they blur and shape one another. Within his work, Takahito inhabits the role of creator, breeding and presenting his Cyborg tribe.



3 - 31 October 2013, Tue - Sat 12-6pm

Arebyte gallery, Unit 4, White Post Lane, Queens Yard E9 5EN

Arebyte gallery