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Kinuyo Tanaka Retrospective - Leeds International Film Festival

1 - 18 November 2012, Leeds

This year’s 26th Leeds International Film Festival programme will include a special retrospective to one the greatest actress in the history of Japanese cinema, Kinuyo Tanaka (1909-77). While Tanaka is widely for her work as an actress, a lesser known fact is that she was also the first Japanese woman to build a body of work as a filmmaker in her own right.


Leeds International Film Festival’s retrospective aims to remedy this by presenting two of Kinuyo Tanaka’s rarely-screened directorial works, The Eternal Breasts and Girls of Dark, alongside a selection of her finest performances. The retrospective both celebrates and sheds new light on the career of a figure of significant importance to world cinema history. 


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1 - 18 November 2012

Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds (The full festival programme will take place in various venues in Leeds)

Leeds International Film Festival