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19 August 2012, London

このたび、Action for Japan UKは、被災地沿岸で昨年追悼と復興のための花火大会を開催したLIGHT UP NIPPONのドキュメンタリー、『LIGHT UP NIPPON 日本を照らした奇跡の花火』を上映します。ご家族・ご友人をお誘い合わせの上、ぜひご参加ください。


Action for Japan UK is going to show the documentary, ‘LIGHT UP NIPPON.’ This is a documentary about the firework performance that was held along the coast of Japan last year in order to commemorate the victims of the Great East Earthquake, and to provide aid for the affected people.



8月19日 (日) 13時〜15時/Sunday 19th August, 1pm to 3pm


The Phoenix
52 High Road London N2 9PJ


【入場料/Entrance Fee】
£10 (事前予約/early bird TICKETS:)
£15 (当日/at the door)

All proceeds go to LIGHT UP NIPPON and Action for Japan UK.


【ドキュメンタリーについて/ About the documentary】


On March 11th, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. In the face of a perceived unprecedented disaster and the massive casualties, everyone across Japan was bending their head down, wondering how Japan can be reconstructed.
However, there was a man who kept looking up. He came up with the idea of a firework performance at the ten affected areas across the coast of East Japan. Although this performance was thought to be impossible to happen, it was the passion of one person and the local people’s zest for living that made this idea come true.
Narrattion: Hitomi Kuroki, Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Co-making: the Japan Foundation


For more information, please visit

19 August 2012 1pm-3pm
The Phoenix, 52 High Road London N2 9PJ
Action for Japan UK