This events calendar was created and is maintained by the Embassy of Japan for the purpose of listing Japan-UK events held throughout the UK in one easy-to-access location. It is for both people wishing to promote their Japan-related events and for those wishing to keep up to date with such events in the UK. We welcome all submissions of Japan-related events for registration.

Projects registered with us will be included in the events calendar on this website.

Please forward your completed application form to the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom at Please note that, in order to ensure your event is listed to the website in time, we ask that you send your application form at least 2 weeks prior to the event start date.

If you are organising a charity event for the Great East Japan Earthquake, please complete the Earthquake Event Application Form and send it to us at japanuk@ld.mofa.go.jpAny questions can also be discussed at
Japan Information and Cultural Centre, Embassy of Japan

Application for registration should be made only after the proposed project has been shown to be feasible in terms of such factors as the date, place and budget. (Event organizers bear the entire responsibility for procuring the necessary funds and securing appropriate locations.)

1. Events for the JAPAN-UK Events Calendar should fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • They should contribute to advancing mutual understanding between the Japanese and British peoples.
  • They should serve to strengthen the bedrock of exchange underpinning Japan-UK relations.
  • They should contribute to deepening and expanding the scope of Japan-UK cooperation.

2. Events should not promote any specific ideology, political view or religion and should not offend public decency. (Neither should organizations sponsoring events be engaged in activities that might be construed as offensive.)

1. In the event of cancellation or a significant change to the arrangements for an event, the organizers should inform the Embassy of Japan of the relevant circumstances without delay. Organizers should be aware that, once an event has been registered, if it is deemed that any of the guidelines have been breached, the registration may be cancelled.

2. The purpose of the Events Calendar is to inform people about events organised by third parties. The Embassy of Japan does not accept any responsibility for the events registered, or any loss or damage resulting from the events registered in the calendar or from any reliance placed on the information in the Events Calendar. With the exception of those events with explicit support of the Embassy of Japan, the inclusion of an event in the Events Calendar does not amount to an endorsement by the Embassy of Japan or the Government of Japan of any event or organisation.