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This month, we are pleased to report that Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi was named 'Diplomat of the Year from Asia' at Diplomat magazine's annual Awards Ceremony. He dedicated the award to the people of Japan.

Events in this edition include an audience at the Embassy with Simon McBurney and Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport, a display of Cloisonne at the V&A, the restoration of the Japanese garden in Liverpool, dance at Sadler's Wells with Saburo Teshigawara and a display of prints related to the Tohoku area at the British Museum.

The spotlight this month falls on Minister Hiroshi Noda, who tells us about his work at the Embassy. We also find out about the 28th Annual Meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group in the UK and we get an operations update from the Japanese Red Cross.

Ambassador Hayashi honoured by Diplomat magazine

On 16th May, Ambassador Keiichi Hayashi was awarded eDiplomat of the Year from Asiaf at Diplomat magazinefs 2011 annual Awards Ceremony.

In accepting the award, he dedicated it to the Japanese people, saying, gI know the honour of the award should actually go to the people of Japan, who showed their typical fortitude, stoic perseverance and discipline in the most difficult and shocking circumstances"...more

Episodes from a Life in Theatre: An audience with Simon McBurney
17 June 2011
The Embassy of Japan will host an evening with acclaimed theatre director Simon McBurney and Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt

Japanese Enamels: The Seven Treasures - Cloisonne from the V&A
14 June 2011 - 19 August 2012
Shippo, the Japanese term for enamels, is a reference to the Seven Treasures mentioned in Buddhist texts....more

Restored: A Quiet Corner of Japan in Liverpool
Mid-June 2011, Riverside Park
In 1984 Liverpool played host to the International Garden Festival, which ran for six months.

Saburo Teshigawara / KARAS 
Mirror and Music

15 & 16 June 2011 Sadler's Wells
“One of the most striking examples of imagistic dance-theatre, or dance-art installation, that I have ever seen” ...more

Works relating to the Tohoku region on display at the British Museum
15 June - 16 October 2011
A small selection of works has been included that relate to Tohoku...more

Spotlight On... Minister Hiroshi Noda
"The earthquake and tsunami were, indeed, extremely tragic.  However, given that this disaster is a fact already, we can at the same time observe that it also led to us encountering many people whom we would not have met otherwise..."more

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28th Annual Meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group
18 - 22 May 2011
The 28th Meeting of the UK-Japan 21st Century Group took place in London and Coventry...more


Japanese Red Cross Society-
Operations Update: 3 - 23 May 2011

Operations Update No. 3 captures the events of the past two weeks within the Japanese Red Cross response to the Great East Japan Earthquake....more

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