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The Future of Capitalist Democracy: Japan-UK Perspectives

21 & 22 September 2015, London

This two-day conference will assess the future of capitalist democracy, with particular reference to the UK and Japan. It will consider the contemporary debate over competing models of governance and political economy that is arguably of increasing importance to both Europe and East Asia. Political populism is on the rise and authoritarian trends are challenging democratic norms in the face of widening economic disparities, both between and within countries, as well as the growing secessionist and external threats to state stability in Europe (Ukraine), the Middle East (Syria), and potentially also in East Asia (Thailand and North Korea). As a result, it is especially important for Japan and the United Kingdom to consider the ways in which, both separately and jointly, they can work to offset some of these challenges. The event will bring together knowledgeable Japanese and British participants for an extended series of discussions on how to capitalize on the past and present experiences of Japan and the UK to confront a number of common policy problems. 

Several critical issues will form the focal point of deliberations over two days: day one will open with a plenary session to discuss the wider challenges to capitalist democracy in the UK and Japan, followed by sessions on neoliberal economics and new forms of state (in-)security. Day two will continue with an examination of the challenges to social cohesion and the rules-based order in Europe and Asia. The meeting will close with a session on the extent to which the UK and Japan will need to engage the US to successfully confront today’s challenges. 

The project is funded by The Nippon Foundation and held in partnership with The Nippon Foundation and the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation.


Selected participants:

HE Keiichi Hayashi, Ambassador of Japan to the UK
Robin Niblett CMG, Director, Chatham House
Ian Buruma, Professor of Human Rights and Journalism, Bard College, New York
Kiichi Fujiwara, Professor of International Politics, Tokyo University
Rt. Hon. Baroness Neville-Jones, Member, House of Lords
Paul Nicholas, Senior Director, Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy Team, Microsoft Corporation

21 & 22 September 2015
Chatham House, 10 St. James' Square, London SW1Y 4LE

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