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Immigration policy and challenges: Post-Brexit UK and Japan

25 November 2016, London

Immigration was one of the key campaign issues leading up to the UK’s “Brexit” referendum in June. This may have reflected a broader issue – that a significant part of the UK population perceives little or no benefit from the trend towards globalisation and liberalisation. EU immigrants were seen as reducing opportunities for British people in the labour market.


Following the referendum, what will a likely end to freedom of movement for EU nationals and a possible ‘hard Brexit’, in which the UK loses its tariff-free access to the single market, mean for international businesses that considered the single market and multinational labour force as attractions of the UK? In addition, the reported rise in hate crimes – which are said often to target non-EU immigrants – suggests that immigration issues are not only about the EU.


By contrast Japan continues to control immigration tightly and has largely avoided immigration challenges, such as absorption and assimilation, but its rapidly ageing society is putting the government under increasing pressure to find a new and more liberal policy to allow for more importation of foreign labour – a potential two-edged sword, about which policy makers have been very cautious. Considering these two very different social contexts, this seminar will discuss the issues currently facing both nations and possible future directions for each.


This event is in association with the Japan Foundation, London.

Contributors: Toshihiro Menju, Jonathan Portes


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25 November 2016, 6:00pm-7.30pm
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