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New approaches to security: Does Japan have other options than the US?

22 November 2018, London

Japan’s foreign and security policy has remained unchanged under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe, and the Japan-US alliance remains coherent and strong so far. With Donald Trump as President of the United States, however, anything could happen. In the longer term, there is the possibility that President Trump’s America, or anybody else’s America, may be a less reliable ally, and may weaken its treaty obligations to defend Japan, given that US public opinion is increasingly unenthusiastic about international commitments of this kind.


Should that be the case, however, is an exit from the US-Japan Security Treaty, the pillar of Japan’s post-war foreign and security policy, a viable option for Japan? If not, what can Japan do to prevent that from happening? Will there be any other options available? What would be the impact and implications of each of these options for the future of regional and global order? These are the questions that this lecture will try to address from political, constitutional, economic and demographic viewpoints. Two experts from Japan and the UK will discuss how Japan should best maintain its peace and prosperity in this new age.


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22 November 2018, 6:00pm - 7.30pm
Daiwa Foundation Japan House, 13 - 14 Cornwall Terrace, London NW1 4QP. Nearest tube: Baker Street

Tel:020 7486 4348

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation