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3.11&Glocal Design

18 June 2013, London

Japanese four architects, Koich Nagashima, Chiaki Arai, Horonori Matsubara and Takeo Muraji will have a lecture at Royal Instutute of British Architects at 18 :00 on 18th June. The title of the lectture is « 3.11&Glocal Design ».

The impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster has led to a basic rethinking of the essence of architecture and urbanism. « Glocal Design »is one approach for solving the acute problems that have becoe apparent. It is a way of thinking that simultaniously integrates the local and the global.

18 June 2013, 18:00pm

5th Floor/Lasdum room/Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place London W18 1AD UK

Design Department of Japan Institute of Architects