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TLI Talk: Settlement and Management of International Maritime Disputes in Asia

13 March 2017, London

There are many international maritime disputes in Asia, which affect the safety and security of the maritime areas in dispute. Asian States, which emphasize the respect for sovereignty, traditionally preferred non-adjudicative procedures for the settlement of international disputes. However, they have gradually changed the policy and started referring their dispute to international adjudicative bodies. The South China Sea Arbitration may reflect Asian States’ support of the settlement of international maritime disputes by international adjudication. Despite the increasing trust of international courts and tribunals, not every international maritime dispute in Asia has been settled. In some cases, it is necessary to seek for the ways to ensure the stable and efficient utilization of the maritime areas concerned, pending final settlement. The significance and limits of the international legal rules for that purpose should be considered in an appropriate way.


The purpose of the lecture is to examine the existing mechanisms for the settlement and management of international maritime disputes in Asia and the role of Japan to ensure the safety and security and the rule of law in the maritime areas in Asia. The lecture will explain the development of the regimes for judicial and arbitral procedures to settle international maritime disputes; discuss the basic mechanisms of international courts and tribunals in the law of the sea; introduce the principal Asian precedents concerning the law of the sea and discuss the salient issues of the Arbitral Awards in the South China Sea Arbitration; analyze the mechanisms for the management of disputed maritime areas; and explain Japan’s experiences of international adjudication and of the arrangements to ensure international cooperation in the maritime areas in dispute. The seminar will be on the record.


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13 March 2017, 13:00 - 14:00
K2.40 King's Building Strand Campus, King’s College London,Strand, London WC2R 2LS

King’s College London