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Third Thursday Lecture: The Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art

16 August 2012, Norwich

Dr John T. Carpenter

Curator for Japanese Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Senior Advisor, Sainsbury Institute

Venue: Norwich Cathedral Hostry (Weston Room), Norwich NR1 4EH


The distinctive style of Japanese art known as Rinpa, or "the school of K?rin", embraces bold, graphic renderings of natural motifs - usually flora and fauna with auspicious or literary symbolism - or formalized renderings of fictional characters, famous poets, and sages. A modern term for an aesthetic that arose in Japan in the early 1600s and flourished until modern times, Rinpa is celebrated for its use of lavish pigments, frequent references to traditional court literature and poetry, and fascinating pictorial works that combine painting and eloquent experimentation in calligraphy. This lecture also explores how artists - either by adding their own inscriptions or collaborating with famous calligraphers - conceived eye-catching compositions that cleverly integrated text and image. The works introduced are part of an exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art that traces the development of the Rinpa aesthetic, highlighting the school's most prominent proponents and illustrating how Rinpa techniques were transmitted to other media such as lacquerware, ceramics, and textiles.

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16 August 2012, 18:00
Hostry, Norwich Cathedral, Norwich NR1 4EH

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