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Third Thursday Lecture: Minton for the Meiji Emperor: dining and diplomacy in nineteenth-century Japan

20 August 2015, Norwich

Mary Redfern
University of East Anglia


The richness of Japan’s ceramic heritage has long captivated attention, contributing both to the development of European porcelains and art movements such as Japonisme. However, it is rare that we hear about the objects that travelled in the other direction, ceramics that made their way like coals to Newcastle from the factories of Europe to the dining tables of Japan. The appearance of a Japanese imperial crest on a Minton coffee cup, however, demands our attention. In the age of the international exhibition, where craft and nation intertwined, why might the Meiji Emperor have chosen to use British bone china? Considering these objects and the banquets at which they were used, this lecture will explore the strategies at play in the setting of the emperor’s table.



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20 August 2015, 18:00
Hostry, Norwich Cathedral, Norwich NR1 4EH

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