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1 - 4 November 2010, West Sussex

Key themes:


How are Japan’s international priorities developing after a year under the DPJ? Faced with internal difficulties linked to its economic sustainability, Japan can either try to insulate itself from external challenges and engage with the outside world only on its own terms, or it can become more outward looking but will then need to confront a series of difficult choices linked to dramatic power shifts in Asia. Does Japan want to engage or contain China? Does it want to cling to or break from the US? Does it want to open up its economy and society to foreign investment and immigration? How does Japan see its role and responsibilities in the international community? How best can Japan contribute to shared challenges such as global economic security, climate change, peacekeeping, development, and reform of international institutions?  Where can Western democracies and regional actors gain value in working more closely with Japan, and what are the best strategies for achieving greater cooperation for mutual benefit?


Fee: £1,690.00 (This covers three night’s accommodation and all meals during the conference, attendance at all sessions, and transport from and to Gatwick airport at the beginning and end of the conference.)

1- 4 November, 2010

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