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Towards a new re-construction after 311 tsunami in North-East Japan

8 May 2012, London

Public Lecture: 18:30 - 20:00
Please book seats in advance by e-mail

We would like to invite you, for the first time in Europe, to the symposium "Towards a new re-construction after 311 tsunami in North-East Japan", hosted by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) at 66 Portland Place, London, on 8th May at 18:30PM.

Firstly there will be an introduction highlighting the real facts of the disaster area and the development issues from the point of view of local architects. Following this, one of the leading proposals 'Yuriage Renaissance project' will be introduced by the award winning Japanese Architect Shoichi Haryu. In his comprehensive and poetic approach, he is proposing 10 artificial floating islands protected by a breakwater structure combined with wind-power. The focus of which is to ensure that the inland is protected whilst preserving the existing nature of the area.

Public Lecturers:
Key lecture: Shoichi Haryu (the head of reconstruction team in Miyagi area)
Junichiro Matsumoto (the head of reconstruction team in North-East)

Workshop:°°14:30 - 18:00°°° professionals)
Please book the seats advance by e-mail

We open a workshop with British architects and specialists together with Japanese architects and local people to exchange and develop ideas on the reconstruction and sustainable redevelopment of Yuriage. The purpose of the symposium is to raise international awareness for the support of people still living in the disaster area not knowing what the future holds for North-East Japan and moreover for people in other areas in the world affected by natural disasters.Bringing together for the first time in Europe, a fantastic mix of established Japanese and European architects and specialists along with local Japanese people to discuss what can be done to rebuild lives and communities and ensure the best possible solutions are reached. Places are limited. Tickets are free but please book in advance to reserve a place. See contact details below.

Workshop panelists:

Panelists and participants

JIA (The Japan Institute of Architects)
Shoichi Haryu (the head of reconstruction team in Miyagi area)
Junichiro Matsumoto (the head of reconstruction team in North-East)
Yoko Yanagisawa (member of JIA and Yuriage Renaissance Project)
Yuriage Locals
Hiroyuki Sakurai (the director of Yruiage Market, representing local victims)
Tamaki Hriu (Yuriage Machi cafe director of the volunteet group)

British Architects and specialists: RIBA
Florian Beigel (Architect, Prof:London Metropolitan University)
Baca Architects (Architects)
Dr Matthew Barac (Architecture Sans Frontière and South Bank University)
Noel Witts (Prof. Performing Arts, Central Saint Martins college Art & Design)

Complimentary Exhibition:
Yuriage Renaissance project model
Yuriage renaissance drawings
JIA's colutairy projects for reconstruction
Ishinomaki Watari Minami-sanriku wooden emergency housings

Please come and support our event! We invite local Japanese architects and victims in this event. It would be great to have and show our support at the lecture evening from the UK.

8 May 2012, Workshop 14:30 - 18:00, Lecture 18.00 - 20.00
RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects)
66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD UK.
T: +44 (0)20 7307 3659

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