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Charity event for orphans of the Tsunami- fundraising event

3 July 2017, London

Introduce the activity of the charity and JICEF, in particular noting that AFJ will invite orphans of the Tsunami to England this summer.
Demonstration of Kendo and, Battodo-Fudokan
Introductions to:

  • Japanese food
  • Zen meditation
  • Kimono
  • tea ceremony.

Introduce Akemi’s students Sam who will be fund raising for AFJ in Japan in July, and Oscar who will give a presentation on his experience of fundraising in Japan this May. Both fund raising activities were organized by Akemi.

6:30  Opening
6:30- 6:40 Introduction of JICEF
6:40-6:45   Kendo demonstration
6:45- 6:50   Japanese food’s culture
6:50- 7:05   Zen
7:05- 7:10    Q and A
7:10- 7:25   Battodo
7:25 – 7:55  Japanese culture ( Kimono and Tea ceremony)
                        Sam and Oscar will be introduced.
                        Report about charity activity by Akemi Solloway


Admisstion: £10 include riceball and Dorayaki

3rd July  2017, 6:30- 8:00

Haggerston School, Weymouth Terrace E2 8LS

Aid For Japan