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Arts for Japan

4 & 5 November 2011, London

A 2 day event with works from Clare Crouchman-Ceramics, Peter Cavaciuti – Brush painting, Mandy Davis-Kent- Painting, Emi- Gordon – Letter cut and Calligraphy, Lesley Coxon – Painting, Satoshi Murakami- Mixed media/painting, Melanie Max- Painting, Maki Nariuchi – Bingata Batik, Helen Martino – Pottery, Noriko Sasaki- Painting, Kazuko Seberry- Craft with Japanese material, Gas Kimishima – Potter, Rika Newcombe- mixed media.

Guitar concert with Hide Takemoto,Slide report from Japan by volunteer aid group , followed by a reception andArt sale.

Free entrance –donations received during reception


4 & 5 November 2011

The Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre, Huntingdon Road Cambridge  CB3 0SH

The Kaetsu Educational and Cultural Centre