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5 March 2011, London

The ‘Bunkasai’ is designed to introduce various different aspects of Japanese culture to the UK, appealing to fans of both traditional and modern, as well as to the casual and family visitors, by introducing the Japanese language, culture, food and drink.


This is the first time ‘Bunkasai’ has ever been held although it’s sister event, the
‘Japanese Art Festival’ has been held for the past 5 times.
In 2010 approximately 2000 people attended this event, check out and/or

A previous event was held in February 2010, check out and/or


Main Organizer
Akemi Solloway Tanaka, a Japanese Cultural Lecturer here in the U.K. across Europe and in the U.S.A. Web Site: plus BUNKASAI Jitko Iinkai.


‘On Stage’…

  • Shamisen
  • Shakuhachi
  • Martial Arts
  • Language panel with Japanese language Teacher
  • How to teach Japanese language using Anime song
  • Panel by Japanese language students
  • How did Anime & Manga give the influence to Japanese study
  • Para Para dance,
  • Lecture ~ History of Japan, Bushi-do, Shinto, Life style, Kimono & Tea Ceremony
  • Kimono fashion show
  • Cosplay competition,
  • ‘University Challenge’ competition (Anime Club and Japan Society in University)
  • Karaoke at night


‘Workshops’ …

  • Calligraphy
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Drawing Manga
  • Cooking
  • Food tasting of Japanese food (normal,vegetarian courses) & Japanese sweets
  • Sake tasting study course
  • Okonomi yaki & Dora yaki cooking trial
  • Wadaiko (Japanese drum
5 March 2011

Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL

Tel: 02089406610