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Bunkasai – Two years anniversary after Tsunami

11 March 2013, London


We invited two girls to the UK over Christmas 2012.

A Japanese television crew documented their visit here, and the programme was broadcast in Japan. Please watch it here: 


18:00-18:05 Opening ceremony - Speech by Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross CMC
Introduce of 400 Anniversary of Japan-British Relations,

18:05-19:05   Introductory lecture on Japanese culture (Kimono, Tea ceremony, Bushido, Shinto by Akemi Solloway Tanaka)
19:05-19:20   Introduction of charity organization Aid For Japan (Video screening of the two girls who visited the UK)
19:20-20:55   Film screening of "Living Through March 11, 2011. Words That Remember the Great East Japan Earthquake"
20:55-21:00   2 minutes silence


Entrance is FREE however recommended donations are
Student £5                Adult £10      

ALL proceeds go to charity Aid For Japan

11 March 2012

Darubius Hotel Regents Park, 18 Lodge Road, St John’s Wood, NW8 7JT

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