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Fragrance Master Class and sushi workshop to celebrate the essence of Japanese Spring

5 May 2014, London

Fragrance Master Class and sushi workshop
To Celebrate
The Essence of Japanese Spring !


While much of the world is in de-tox mode after New Year, the Japanese culture has quietly enjoyed an ancient ritual which takes ‘cleansing’ of home and soul a step further.


-Setsubun, which literally means “seasonal division” is celebrated annually on February 3rd , the last days before the official beginning of Spring in Japan and forms part of the Spring Festival.

Setsubun, or properly called Risshun in its association with the Lunar New Year, can be thought of as New Year's Eve, and so was accompanied by a special ceremonial ritual to cleanse away the evil spirits of the past year an  drive away disease bringing evil spirits for the year to come.


Hand in hand with Setsubun comes the famous “Cleansing Ritual” in which houses are thoroughly cleaned, the fun “Bean-Throwing Ritual” during which beans are thrown out of the house to chase off the last bad spirits and fresh beans thrown into the house to encourage good spirits to enter and finally the beautiful soul cleansing “Kodo Ritual” during which incense burners release alluring scent to bless the home.


SCENT London, located in St James, London will embrace this ancient tradition with a unique formula to celebrate the coming of Spring and welcome the wonders and adventures that the future Year holds.


Participants are invited to delve into the creation of a personalized scent from the collection of over 300 precious oils including Japanese cherry blossom, orange, linden, cedarwood, okomin wood, honoki, sesame, saki and seaweed. Senior Perfumers will assist in capturing the perception and imagination of Japanese spring and all its symbols and rituals of new life.


At the conclusion of the day’s session, each participant will receive their personalized fragrant perfume (30 ml) and incense kodo sticks infused with their personally created fragrance for the cleansing, stimulating and welcoming of the New Year into the home.


Guests will be welcomed at 10.00 am for their initial orientation by the senior perfumers. The history and magic of perfume making, will be revealed, as well as the use of the precious oils and their scent secrets.


Japanese Lunch will be highlighted by an introduction from the celebrated chef, Yuki Gomi , who will demonstrate and share some of the artisanal secrets of the fine art of sushi making.


After lunch activities will continue with the creation of the fragrances until 4.00pm. The Japanese Spring fragrance Master class is hosted by Scent London (5th of Feb ), at £350 pp, with limited sessions of 15 participants per day. For information and booking:

SCENT/ london
No 21 Arlington Street
London SW1, St James’s
Tel 020 7495 55 38

5 February 2014, 10am-4pm

SCENT/London, No 21 Arlington StreetLondon SW1, St James’s

Tel: 07539834628


Sent/London, Yuki’s kitchen