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Gamadase from UK project

26 May 2016 -

The earthquake (biggest magnitude is 7.3) occurred at south area of Japan and Kyushu on April 14 (main shock occurred on April 16) did big harm in each city.
49 people passed away in Kumamoto near the epicenter in particular, and the dead related to an earthquake exceeded 20 people.

It also causes housing damage beyond 100,000 houses (current as of 5/25 days).


There are much people who can't live the life as always even though more than 1 month has passed from the earthquake occurring.

However, some people are trying to advance the pace to the rehabilitation gradually in Kumamoto.
We hope this project can support Kumamoto's rehabilitation and also be the bridge between London and Kumamoto.


This is a project for the purpose of gathering contributions through the Can badge sale to help with the reconstruction for the area that suffered damage caused by Kumamoto earthquake generated in Japan in April, 2016.The profit that gathered is all sent to the distribution Committee of the Japanese Red Cross Society through the country's Japan Embassy in the UK and is sent to the affected place.


We provide 3 types of badges design by Risako Ueda which include simple one and Kawaii one all of which expressing the connection between Japan and UK.


We sell our badges at Japan Centre and MCM London Comic Con. For further information about our badges and the place you can buy it please check our facebook page.


26 May 2016 ~


Gamadase from UK project