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Japanese Gyokuro Workshop !

23 & 24 June 2017, London

In this workshop, you will learn about what makes Gyokuro so special and how to brew it, (it’s not only about low temperature!) and will have the opportunity to purchase (at wholesale prices) these unique, 40-50 days shaded teas for your shop or for yourself to enjoy.


This is the opportunity to taste one of the bestquality teas you can, in or outside Japan. Tea Master Yamashita is now over 80 and has been hand rolling these teasfrom age 11…… unfortunately he will not be at the workshop event in London, but the presentation and tasting will be hosted by Asako Steward, who visited Maiko-no-Cha plantation in May.Asako is a qualified and experienced Green and Black Tea instructor and lecturer, as well as being the Japan Tea official Goodwill Ambassador for the UK.

テイスティング, 玉露




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6月23日(金) 18.00〜20.00

6月24日(土) 14.00〜16.00



Admission: GBP12.00