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Japanese Plus: Let’s Speak Kansai Dialect!

11 & 18 or 12 & 19 November 2015, London

In this two-day Japanese Plus course, participants will learn the vocabulary and grammar ofKansai-ben; the distinctive dialect of Osaka and the surrounding Kansai area. Under the expert guidance of a native Kansai-ben speaker, you will learn not only how to speak this fascinating form of Japanese with confidence, but also the culture surrounding Kansai-ben and the special place it holds in Japanese society. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to wow all your friends and colleagues from Kansai with your new knowledge and proficiency in Kansai-ben!

Course Level:  This course will be held in Japanese.  It is for non-native Japanese language learners with an advanced level of Japanese (JLPT N2/level 2 and upwards). 


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Admission: £20.00 (includes all course handouts). Advance booking essential.

You can choose either the Wednesday Course (11th and 18th November) or the Thursday Course (12th and 19th November), 18:30 – 20:30. 

Bloomsbury International, 8 Southampton Place, Holborn, London. WC1A 2DB


Tel: 020 3102 5021 

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