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Japanese Plus One Evening Special: Add Colour to your Japanese

14 February 2013, London

How are colours perceived in Japan?
What feelings and images do certain colours evoke?
How can we put these feelings into words – in Japanese?

For one night only, the Japan Foundation are offering advanced Japanese language learners an exclusive chance to enhance their language skills while exploring the cultural significance of the colours of Japan. 

Yuko Hayasaka is the editor-in-chief at the Visual Design Institute, whose works include Wa no Iro Jiten (“A Dictionary of Traditional Japanese Colours”).  In this workshop, Hayasaka-sensei will introduce the many different colours used within Japanese tradition, and reveal their intricate meanings. Participants will learn rare and unusual Japanese vocabulary, including the beautifully poetic names of the colours themselves, and how to express the complex emotions they inspire.

This is a unique opportunity for Japanese learners to use their language abilities to speak to an expert and enhance their communication skills – not only in language, but also in colour.

This workshop will be held in Japanese. It is for non-native speakers of advanced Japanese (approx. JLPT N2 – N1).

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Admission: £3.00. Prior booking is essential.

14 February 2013, 18.30pm

The Japan Foundation, Russell Square House, 10-12 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EH


Tel: 020 7436 6698

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