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Japanese from Scratch: Let’s Eat Ramen!

5 December 2013, London

Japanese from Scratch is a Japanese language and culture workshop from the Japan Foundation London, suitable for those who are interested in learning Japanese but haven't started yet, or those who have just started learning.

Ramen, a Japanese dish in which noodles are served in broth, has recently experienced a surge of popularity in the UK, with ramen restaurants appearing in cities throughout the country. In this Japanese from Scratch workshop, you can discover why ramen appeals to diners both in Japan and worldwide, and how to get the most out of your ramen-eating experience.


Dr. Barak Kushner, Senior Lecturer in Modern Japanese History at the University of Cambridge and author of Slurp! A Social and Culinary History of Ramen, will introduce the history of ramen in Japan and its special place within Japanese culture. This will be followed by a session about ramen culture and an introduction to the ramen available in London. Next there will be a Japanese language session focussing on the vocabulary and expressions relating to ramen. Finally, all participants will have the opportunity to put their new language and cultural knowledge to the test, by eating authentic ramen at a restaurant in London.


Advance booking is essential. As space is limited we may not be able to take all attendees to eat ramen after the event. Priority will be given to the first 20 people to sign up.


For more information and to register your place,
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Deadline to apply:  November 29th 2013.


The participation fee is £5.00. If you would like to join us to eat ramen after the event, you will need to pay for this separately.

5 December 2013

The Japan Foundation, 6th Floor, Russell Square House, 10-12 Russell Square, London WC1B 5EH (later moving on to a local Japanese restaurant


Tel: 020 7436 6695

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