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Kamishibai performance of “Wakamiya-maru” story via skype

12 June 2016, London

During the Edo period when Japan was closed to the outside world, a group of Japanese sailors accidently took a trip around the world after being blown off course by a terrible storm. The ship they travelled in was called the Wakamiya-maru. The survivors visited Falmouth in 1803 on their journey back to Japan. If you would like to read more about their incredible journey in English, please see the third link on this webpage.

As the Wakamiya-maru departed from Ishinomaki, (Miyagi prefecture in the North East of Japan) the Children of the Ishinomaki Children’s newspaper have decided to make akamishibai story about these historical adventures. The children plan to give a kamishibaiperformance at many of the locations around the world visited by the Wakamiya-maru’s crew, and London will be the second destination after a few similar events in Russia.

This event is in two parts. Any speaker of Japanese is welcome to join us for the performance on Sunday morning. However there is also a Japanese language workshop on Wednesday for upper-intermediate learners of Japanese. Please click here if you are also interested in the Japanese language workshop.

You will have the chance to watch a kamishibai performance of their story via skype. After the performance you will also observe the interactions of the children of Ishinomaki and participants in our Japanese Plus course. Lastly, after the children have logged off, we will finish with a discussion about the event in Japanese.

This performance will be in Japanese. Both native and non-native speakers of Japanese are welcome to attend. 

Please note that spaces are limited to 50 people – first come, first served.  

12 June 2016, 8.45am - 10.30am

Kings College, Strand Campus, London WC2R 2LS


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