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JAFF : Japan Food Festival –Hiroshima Prefecture Edition

5 - 25 September 2012, London

Celebrate the unique local produce of Hiroshima Prefecture this September with Japan Centre.


Japan loves local and so do we! In collaboration with the Association of Import Business Advisors (AIBA), Japan Centre is showcasing the best of Japanese regional cuisine and culture with their fourth JAFF event, a unique Japanese Food Festival this September. This time JAFF’s super foodie fest will feature specially selected local food from the Hiroshima Prefecture area.


An area full of history and bustling with diverse agriculture and trade, Hiroshima is a natural wonderland, nestled between soaring mountains to the north and the azure Inland Sea to the south. Not content with giving us okonomiyaki and Mazda cars, though Hiroshima has a tragic event at the heart of its recent past, it has developed into a prosperous and bustling city with a thriving and positively spirited community. Renowned for its delicious produce Japan Centre aims to make an important contribution to raise awareness about Hiroshima’s redesigned identity, by providing visitors with a fresh impression of this modern and dynamic cultural hub.


Experience Hiroshima in London : Free Tasting 3 - 6pm, 5th – 25th September 2012, Japan Centre Regent Street.


Admission Free

5 - 25 September 2012
Japan Centre, 14 - 16 Regent Street, London SW1Y 4RP

Tel: 020 3405 1246


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