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London KIMONO Fashion Show

10 April 2016, London

Please Join our “OMOTENASHI” afternoon event. KIMONO correspondent Chieri Ikeda, brings you the wonderful world of the kimono, for you to enjoy.

She will be presenting beautiful kimonos and giving a talk about them. The program includes the performance of soprano solo Masami Suzuki and violin
solo Haru Ushigusa. The tickets are £10 for this event and includes a glass of champagne and rolled sushi.


Date……. Sunday 10 April 2016
Time…… 2:30pm -4:00pm Doors at 2:00pm
Venue…… Burgh House

Looking forward to seeing you.

For tickets and information please email


Admission: £10


In cooperation with
WASOUKAN Authentic Japanese Kimono shop in London

10 April 2016

Burgh House, New End Square, London, NW3 1LT

Japan Meeting for Making Kimonos an Intangible Cultural Heritage