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 Naruto Anime Party

12 July 2015, London

We are organising a Naruto themed party that is based on a popular animation in both Japan and in the UK. This party will allow people to try authentic Japanese ramen, sing Japanese songs and meet new people in a fun filled environment.


We believe that this event will give exposure to Manga and Anime amongst local people who believe that cartoons are mainly for children while in Japan it is read amongst people of all ages. We also feel that this will allow people to have fun in a Japanese themed environment that could inspire people to travel to Japan to learn more.


Admission: £10

12 July 2015, 6.00-9.30pm

Sasuke Ramen, 32 Great Windmill Street, Piccadily Circus, W1D 7LR, London

Sasuke Ramen – Sasuke Anime Club