Art & Design

A Japanese Retrotainment

6 August 2014, London

An evening filled with Sake tasting, traditional Japanese dining,retrogaming and of course...Karaoke!

The event will be hosted at one of London's authentic and innovative Japanese restaurants, Matsuri in Mayfair on 6th of August from 6pm.

The evening will start off at 6.30pm with a short Sake masterclass by Asami Tasaka from World Sake Imports where attendees will get a brief introduction and importantly sample glasses of traditional sake and also modern Sake cocktail.

Following the Sake introduction the Matsuri bar will be ready to game on with iconic videogames from the yesteryears and as always with REZtron events it will be displayed on SEGA consoles spanning four generations, including Master System, Mega Drive/Mega-CD, Saturn and the pioneering Dreamcast...

  • Legendary games include,Shinobi,Strider,Space Harrier 3-D,Final Fight,Streets of Rage 2,Bangai-O,Bomberman,Shenmue,Jet Set Radio, Godzilla Generations, Shutoko Battle,Dragon Ball Z,Fighters Megamix,Street Fighter II and many more....
  • Competition on Shenmue's mini game QTE Title
  • Prizes to be won
  • RETRO Bang & Olufsen,Sony Trinitron,LG,Philips CRT TVs and a Projector screen
  • 3-D gaming (80s styley!)
  • Authentic Japanese food and drinks
  • 80s/90s KARAOKE on the SEGA Wondermega

8,16,32 and 128-BIT Japanese Retrotainment....all under London's authentic and innovative Japanese restaurants...

6 August 2014
REZtron ( Inside Matsuri St James's), Matsuri St James's, 15 Bury St, SW1Y 6AL , United Kingdom