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SEGA Saturn 20th Anniversary Japanese Retrotainment

22 Novmeber 2014, London

REZtron presents...A SEGA #Saturnday retrotainment
For our final event for 2014 come down and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the legendary Japanese SEGA Saturn games...

Warm up your Saturday night by re-living the mid 90s with a few drinks,karaoke and legendary games from the 32-BIT era of gaming!

  • Legendary Japanese SEGA Saturn games ,incl.Virtua Cop,House Of The Dead,SEGA Rally,Daytona USA,Virtua Fighter 2,Fighters Megamix,Street Fighter II,Street Fighter Zero,Mortal Kombat 3,NiGHTS,Bomberman,Sonic Jam and many MORE...
  • RETRO CRT TVs and Projector screens
  • Competition on SEGA Rally.The current Guinness World record for fastest lap on Desert course stands at 2 min 30.73 sec set by Justin Towell (UK) on 29 January 2009.
  • PRIZES! WIN a SEGA Saturn+Game+Virtua Fighter plush+More for the fastest time on SEGA Rally (Desert course)
  • Competition runs from 4pm til 7
  • 2-4-1 drinks and food offers until 9pm
  • 80s/90s KARAOKE in an ELEVATOR!
  • DJ, spinning some retro House/RnB/Techno
  • and more surprises...
  • Then after 9.30pm you can stick around and party the night away until the early hours
   32-BIT Retrotainment....All under an award winning cocktail bar....


Admission: £5.00

5 March 2014
Aquum, 68-70 Clapham High St, SW4 7UL London