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6 September 2017, London

Japanese green tea - What is it exactly after all? 

Nowadays we see so many different kinds of Japanese tea in every corner of London, from superfood matcha latte to genmai cha. However, do we really know what they are exactly and how to use them, not only for making a cup of tea?

During 1 hour long session, a Japanese tea expert from Japan, Mrs. Noriko Sonoda, the Director of ‘Sonoda Chaho Hoko-en’ will make a personal introduction to the world of Japanese tea. She will reveal some of the secrets of green tea and introduce you to some very practical knowledge, including the difference in benefits between cold and hot tea and how to make a nice cup of green tea with tea bags.

You can drop in casually during the venue opening hours (11 am till 7pm) to taste a cup of nice green tea, or you can join the tea making demonstration and the talk at 1pm or at 6pm.

Japanese Tea Specialist - Noriko Sonoda

ORGANISER & LOCATION - Sway Gallery 70-72 OLD STREET, LONDON EC1V 9AN TEL: 020 7637 1700 

TEA MAKING DEMONSTRATION & TALK TIMES (twice in a day): 1pm until 2pm & 6pm until 7pm 



6 September 2017

Sway Gallery, 70-72 Old Street, EC1V 9AN, London


Tel: 020 7637 1700

Sway Gallery London