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Introduction to Ikebana and Japanese Culture of today.

27-30 May, 14-17 July, 26-29 August 2014, Oxford

A series of courses on Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arranging) and today's Japanese Culture.

Held at Denman College, Marcham, nr Abingdon, Oxfordshire). Non members of the WI are welcome to attend. All courses are normally provided on a residential but can also accommodate students on a day attendance basis, if they live close by to the College.

Open to all including non WI Members and Gentlemen.

27 May - 30 May 2014             (Introduction to Ikebana)

14 July - 17 July 2014              (Ikebana for Everyone)

26 August - 29 August 2014    (Japanese Flower Arranging for all Abilities)


Coures fee: On Application - depending on length of course

27-30 May, 14-17 July, 26-29 August 2014
Denman WI College, Marcham, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX13 6NW

Tel: 01865 391991

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