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Garden Open Days of the Zen Garden at Three Wheels Temple

19, 20 May & 16, 17 June 2012

Three Wheels Temple opens their Zen garden to the public as a part of National Garden Scheme,

Pure Japanese Zen Garden with 12 large and small rocks of various clours and textures set in islands of moss and surrounded by a sea of grey granite gravel raked in a stylised wave pattern.  Garden surronded by trees and bushes outside a cob wall.  Oak-framed wattle and daub shelter with Norfolk reed thatched roof.  Japanese tea ceremony demonstarion (extraˇň3 for tasting) and talks by  Professor John White, the desinger of the garden.  The Buddha Room open to visitors.


Admission: £3

19, 20 May & 16, 17 June 2012
Three Wheels Temple, 55 Carbery Avenue, London W3 9AB


Threre Wheels Temple