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Beauty of Japan and Soul of Creation

16-21, 23-29 October 2017, London

Summary of  Art exhibition


We, Radiant Star Art agency will have an exhibition in London, UK, to introduce Creators form Japan.


Japan is currently separated into 47 administrative districts, but since ancient times, small regions constructed various cultures with high identities, and brought up unique and interesting creations.


Japan's "Creation" is keenly aware of the air of the times, creating a new value by repetitively interlacing between tradition and its reinterpretation. We think that it is an important effort to continuously introduce Japanese creative activities and works to people who love art of the world.


And, through the “Creations” of Japan, I would like to lead to the deep knowledge of Japanese culture and local information from the aspect of art. Beautiful consciousness, which is distinctively Japanese, honest and fine mentality, and behavioral stance expressed as "Shosa*". I hope that you can feel these qualities of the Japanese people from our exhibitions.


We will strive to improve the presence of Japan's excellent Creators worldwide.


(* “Shosa” is the description of the movement of the body concentrating on the movement itself, for specific activities. Often related to the movements of traditional Japanese Art, for example Tea Ceremonies)


Invitation to  the private view. :
We will send you an invitation by email to customers who wish to attend the exhibition
Please contact us by email to Reiko SHIGA by Managing Director of Radiant Star Art agency.
Please inform me of the following items by e-mail

A: About the exhibition hall of your choice
・A-1 Attendance at the first venue only
・A-2 Attendance at the 2nd venue only
・A-3 Attendance at both venues
B:Please tell us your occupation (present or your career) if there is no objection to your name.

Please inform us of your desire to attend the exhibition above, by 07 October, 2017.

Please note that as there are limited numbers of guests who can participate in the exhibition at both the first venue and the second venue, please do not hesitate to contact us ahead of time.


We look forward to seeing you at our art exhibition.


Venue (s) :
The 1st exhibition : Royal Opera Arcade Gallery
Location : 5b Pall Mall Street Royal Opera Arcade London SW1Y 4UY
Exhibition duration : 16 Oct 2017 to 21 Oct 2017
Reception & Private View : 17 Oct 2017 / 18:30 to 20:30
*There is Japanese traditional sweets and Tea ceremony service.

The 2nd exhibition : Espacio Gallery
Location : 159 Bethnal Green Road London E2 7DG
Exhibition duration : 23 Oct 2017 to 29 Oct 2017
Reception : 26 Oct / 18:30 to 20:30
*There is Japanese traditional sweet service.

1st Exhibition : 16 - 21 October, 2017 

2nd Exhibition : 23 - 29October, 2017

1st Exhibition : Royal Opera Arcade(ROA)Gallery, 5b Pall Mall Street Royal Opera Arcade London SW1Y 4UY

2nd Exhibition : Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Greed Road, London, E2 7DG


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