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Talk: Kumamoto: Earthquakes and Art

26 September 2017, London

In April 2016, Kumamoto Prefecture was hit by two massive earthquakes in two successive nights. A vast area was devastated, including the iconic Kumamoto Castle. Reconstruction work is currently under way, described by local governments in the area as “Creative Reconstruction”. The reconstruction of the castle is particularly fascinating to watch, and is attracting large numbers of tourists from overseas.


The Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto, was damaged, but most of the artworks were saved, and it was able to reopen within a month. Due to its central location, and the lengthy closures of other arts venues in the city, the Museum took on a role as a hub for various art forms, including performing arts as well as visual arts. Director of the Museum Takeshi Sakurai will talk about his work there both before and after the earthquake, as well as the progress of reconstruction in Kumamoto more broadly.


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26 September 2017

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