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Shozo Michikawa exhibition

6 - 28 November 2013, London

Erskine, Hall & Coe is pleased to present a new exhibition by esteemed artist Shozo Michikawa comprising of 40 works, demonstrating his ingenuity, dexterity and mastery of clay, which will run from the 6th through the 28th of November. The exhibition will be installed by Shozo Michikawa, and will include an Ikebana arrangement that will be composed by Ikebana master, Koho Wada.


Shozo Michikawa lives and works in Seto, a home to potters for 1,300 years. His work has been exhibited internationally, including a landmark exhibition in 2005 in Beijing's Forbidden City.

Angus Stewart, in an essay about Michikawa's work written in 2011, declares:


"…Michikawa's originality calls out for attention. He offers freshness, technical prowess and figurative puzzles that irk and stimulate the alert. The traditions he draws on date back to the
cave dwellers. Michikawa's excellence as a technician, his empathy with natural phenomena, and his outstanding artistry, are something to shout about."


There will be a catalogue to accompany the exhibition, and the show will be fully illustrated on our website on the day it opens. The show will be viewable from Monday through Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00, and will be free to attend.


Free entry

6 - 28 November 2013
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