Art & Design

10x10  by Lucinda Douglas Menzies and Elina Moriya (joint solo exhibition)

26 November - 6 December 2013, London

Private View: 18.30-20.30 on 27th November.


Artists in conversation with Klaus Kalde and Pratap Rughani: 18.30-20.00 on 4th December


Exhibition on show 26 NOV - 6 DEC 2013

Gallery opening times: 10.00-18.00 Monday to Saturday.


Douglas-Menzies is a portrait photographer who is interested in the special qualities of the black and white image; the way it enables you to focus on subject, composition, light and shadow to achieve a powerful and aesthetic effect. The ten new portraits taken for 10x10 are shot on 120mm film with a Hasselblad camera and printed in the darkroom at Four Corners; the sitters all have a connection with East London and work in the fine art or literary fields.



Elina Moriya is a Finnish and Japanese visual artist and photographer working with photography and video. She was born in Japan and grew up in Finland and is currently based in London. In her teens, she started photography whilst studying in US. She has always seen the creative process as a journey of questions, where the accent is put on the one who asks the questions, why and from what perspective.


'Smokescreen' (3-screen video with audio) aims to take the viewer on a journey where familiarities from two cultures conjoin. The resulting unfamiliar space challenges appearances and assumptions that might initially seem to be given. A mixture of symbols, aesthetics, visual grammars and cultural images aim to form new dialogues, interpretations and experiences.


Admission Free

26 November - 6 December 2013

Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London E2 OQN

Four Corners